Sunday, July 31, 2011

Across the Ocean

 My friend Pauline and I are collaborating overseas. She's painting murals of my drawings in France. Pauline is a dedicated and talented wall constructor. She owns a company Hylé. She constructs and paints walls with environmentally and health conscious materials. Her painting pigments are fine Italian limewash, the same stuff, which murals in centuries old European churches were painted with.

I am so very excited about this collaboration. It is a strange and wonderful feeling to have my friend painting my drawings in the other side of the world. And to think of my work as a permanent mural in some child's room in France! Oh the wonders of modern technology! I'm happy and grateful for the opportunity.

Today is the last day of July. It is usually my favourite month of the year. I've been meaning to post more this month, but just could not find time. I am finishing off my Master's, and things are crazy busy. I am discouraged by school. People are dying all over the world in horrific circumstances. I can't believe I am worrying about petty and insignificant things. I cannot wait to be done so I can get on with my life.

To end this post in upbeat, my sweet friend and an awesome motion graphic designer, Sara made this for me for my birthday! She's another friend who's ocean apart from me. I met both Sara and Pauline in Berlin. Another proof that Berlin is magical.
This is made with the photo she took of me as a ghost. I LOVE it.


Chanp said...


This is really awesome. Really really cool!


Great bumping into you the other night too. All the best!

annyenlam said...

Props to you and Pauline. What a great exchange, congratulations!!!

Hyein Lee said...

Peter <3 Thanks for such sweet words :D Great to see you the other night. Hope you got to see Captain America. Must hang when all my craziness sort of ends in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Annyen! :D