Friday, February 2, 2007

Raw Carrot Cake Recipe

This is a part of the recipe series. I illustrated Raw Carrot Cake Recipe from Freshtopia. Visit their video blog! Good time guaranteed :D These nice people will show my illustrations in their blog.


Ken McCuen said...

I love how you handled the carrots.

I've always been a fan of those little characters you draw. Nice... and nice feeling of texture too. Just like the last one :)


HiengT said...

Ooo I really liked it when it was on the piece of wood and thst semi-finish look.

John said...

hi hyein~~

i dont know if u still remember me. im john...maria's friend from university. just stumble your page from her website.

i hope u r doing well...are u done yer sheridan college?

best of luck. visit my page @ :)

Jack Shepherd said...

the colours in this piece are really nice. and the crazy bunnies hahah they always make me laugh.

You want to make the sketchbooks monday after design? I just gotta figure out what cover to get, and cut some watercolour paper to the size I want. Not sure about the stitching, seems a bit confusing.