Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mixed Media 9X12

Holy Mongoose... my apologies for abandoning this blog for a month. I've been taking a walk in a wild side. I've opened a food blog through a Korean blog portal. What have I done! It has been too addictive. Because of the shear number of people that uses that site (population in Korea is about 20 million more than Canada, all in a space smaller than Ontario), I've been getting a lot of comments from random friendly strangers. There is nothing more addictive than a false sense of popularity. I've been writing a lot in Korean lately, which is detrimental to my English. It's been only a month, and I already feel like I forgot how to write in English at all.

One might say, "who cares, you are having a good time. It's a hobby". But time is a luxury I cannot effort at the moment. So does my horrid English.
So... I decided to stop my Korean blogging madness. It had served me nothing but wasting time. I'm going to continue write food stuff here instead of that god forbidden Korean blog. Seriously, it's as addictive as gambling (making cross with my fingers). Good lord deliver us!
Here is my food blog in Korean if anyone's interested. There are ample amount of pictures. Please do not use Google translators. Contents are embarrassing at their best.

Anyways... changing my topic drastically... the very top art, "Boobs!" is my latest work. I'm having a show in Washington DC, opening in March 1st, at Art Whino G40 Submit. I'm representing Canada~ Woot woot!
Here is more info about the show: Art Whino G40

Sadly, I haven't been able to paint for a quite some time. I swear, doing Master's is sucking creativity out of me. It's all theory theory theory, presentations, meetings, seminars, readings and endless proposal/application writings. However I'm going to stay positive. Illustration has to jump from the print medium, and I'm seeking answers.

So the painting took unusual amount of time and few expensive mistakes *cry*. The end product was sub-par. I was upset with it. However, after looking at it long enough, I got to like it even with its faults. Hopefully I'll do a better version of this. As I was shipping this to the show, I had a hard time letting it go. I want to hang it in my wall!

Okay... these are falling boobs. This painting is against everything I am thinking and learning about at the grad school. Boobs?!? Just boobs?!? One can critique that this is a deep insult to women everywhere, objectifying women as just body parts, etc., etc.. But seriously, I just wanted to paint nice soft things with cute face on it. I do enough theory at school, let's just paint it and get it over with.

Oooooh~ The magic of floating frames! I stocked these during a sale at Curry's (art supply store chain in Toronto area) last summer. I regretted getting these then. But who knew they would come handy! It made my work somehow better. The old maxim was right. Presentation is EVERYTHING. Now I'm going to use floating frames everywhere I can afford.