Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cloud Colouring Contest

I entered colouring contest by izik Levy few weeks ago (or was it months ago?). Just colouring his sketches using photoshop.
I won! I won! I won this cute necklace. I always wanted one of his art, and very happy to own a squid pendant.
Izik Levy is a very talented glass artist in Toronto. His website is here.

Paper Dolls

These are going to be paper cut out dolls. Drawn for Mr. David R. Keyes band.
The girl at the very left with the tambourine is moi. Mr. Keyes is in bunny suite, rocking out. Rocking out indeed. I cannot wait for our next show. We hope to sell lots of CDs and these paper doll cutouts are going to be used as promo items. Another band member, the laptop was ordered just this evening, so I don't have an image yet. I apologise to Mr. ibook in advance.

No Such Thing

This is work titled 'No Such Thing'. Made for the student gallery. Yesh, it was inspired by the movie 'No Such Thing' starring Sarah Polly.
A monster dreaming of innocent bunnies under the moon light. The girl at the bottom will be its friend.