Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moving to Tumblr

This pains me greatly. I LOVE Blogger. It's simplicity, analytics, ability to write long blabbery... but what can I do. I am a kind of a person who jump off a cliff if all the cool kids are jumping off. Maybe it's an immigrant experience, but I do pretty much anything to fit in.

I know I've been telling my friends over a year that I'm moving to Tumblr, and I finally did it. My blogger is officially closed (at least until Blogger becomes cool again). Please see do follow my posts in Tumblr:

Thank you!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Practice Run

Stand-up comedy night with Hyein Lee. 
About internet dating, Korean family, urban isolation... things that happen to everyone, but too embarrassed to share. Hyein kind of has a thick skin.
There's a rumour that illustrator Aaron Leighton may be singing a tune or two as well.

Hello friends,
I never told you, but to my shame, I always wanted to be a comedian. I buried that shit under the rug. My friend and life mentor, Aaron Leighton finds me funny, and told me I should try stand-up. Divorced from reality, I jumped at the chance. This is my only second stand-up ever (the first one back in 2006), so make a careful discretion. And please, be kind and don't throw stuff at me.

Pay What You Can

Nook Collective
Aaron Leighton

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