Friday, January 22, 2010

Punch Me!

Modern life is stressful. Why don't you punch away! (either that or meditation. But meditation is boring to a MTV generation like myself) This poor creature is like Jesus. Instead of taking away our sins (come to think of it, it does a bit of that too), it takes away our stress. I feel sorry for it, but it is in human nature to sacrifice a blameless cute things (animals, virgins...etc.).
Ideally, I'd like to program in different random sounds, but I don't know how to do that yet.
Step by step "making of" this doll is on the right hand side Hyein's Arduino link.

I apologize for the Korean soap opera noise at the background. I got addicted to this show called 'Pasta'. There are many things to love about this standard love triangle storyline. I love the actress (she's friends with Doona Bae and she starred in Highschool Horror Story). She brings refreshingly funny and quirky dimension to the female lead character. She is one of the best actresses in Korea, but aside from her craft, there is another thing to love about her. She's not conventionally pretty in Korean standards. Finally, an actress who looks down-to-earth.
Also the show centers around FOOD!!! Dude!!!

Of course the story is ridiculous (but food forgives everything. Yes, indeed). A kitchen help girl (with a dream of being a pasta chef one day) is infatuated with an arrogant douche executive chef. I suspect he'll like her back in the coming episodes. A very rich restaurant owner seems to be in love with the kitchen help girl too. Following Korean soap formula, one can safely predict that she'll go for the asshole executive chef. For once in my life, I'd love to see girls (in Korean soaps) go for the nice, rich, handsome man instead of the asshole. Is this really a popular sentiment? In most 'making of' documentaries of these soaps, the lead actresses always say, "Of course I'd go for the nice, rich, handsome one". Likewise, I find nothing appealing about assholes. It just doesn't make sense to me. But I guess whatever floats your boat. My cousin and I were talking about House MD. Suddenly, she said, "I love House. He's very attractive"
"What?!? He is a complete asshole. I mean, it's funny that he is an asshole, but that's not hot. I'd go for Wilson because he's nice"
"Ew! He's not attractive"

Anyways, Pasta, light-hearted fun. Check it.