Friday, August 15, 2008

Sad Cupcake Day

Today was a sad day. It rained a lot while I was outside this afternoon. The rainwater was flooding the street, I was ankle deep with water. By the evening, there was bright, crisp sunlight. I suddenly thought, 'Hey, why don't I get that vegan coconut cupcake I had in Kensington Market yesterday?!?'

There I was, so happy. I ventured outside, stupidly, without an umbrella.

Oh what a mistake it was. I walked all the way to Kensington market but Miss Cora's Kitchen, probably the only source of vegan cupcakes in Toronto, was closed. I was pretty devastated. Then came the pouring rain, yet again. I was trapped there. I wouldn't mind small rain here and there, but this was, once again, an earth-shattering rain. This time, I was without an umbrella.

I ran to Moon Bean's cafe and ordered a tea. There I was, in a damp almost-empty coffee shop, looking at the rain. The girl lovers right beside me started fighting. At first it was entertaining, but when one started crying, pleading to the other girl.... it quickly became depressing.

And of course, I didn't bring my sketchbook. Let me tell you, I always, ALWAYS bring my sketchbook and brush pen everywhere. I never leave home without it. The only one day I decided not to take it (I thought it'd be a quick trip), I desperately needed it. With a crying girls beside me, I frantically searched for any scrap paper in my bag. And... thank god, I found that small ikea pencil. I can escape from reality!

These are the scribble scribble scribbles of my sad cupcake(less) day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair!

I've been working on a massive, exciting project for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. For the upcoming Vegetarian Food Fair, I am illustrating and designing a passport, children's passports and posters.

Shown on top is the cover of the passport. There are two folds. When you open first fold, there are four trivia questions related to Vegetarianism and Environment (this year's theme) along with questioning animals. The second image is an example of posters. I did four of these with different animals. These posters are on different locations, so that children can explore the Fair and answer passport trivia questions by reading them.

When you open the passport fully (the last image above), there is a small board game called "Save the Penguins!" Something fun to play with while learning about global warming, over fishing, which all effect penguin habitat/food.

There were very little time for me to work on, and I don't see myself sleeping this weekend. However, I am very excited. I've been going to the Vegetarian Food Fair for the past five years with my brother. My brother calls it a Disney Land for vegans/vegetarians. I know, many don't know about it, but Toronto has the BIGGEST vegetarian festival in North America. It's nuts. It's down at Harbour Front Centre on September 5th through 7th. Free admission and insane amount of food. Ever wondered how vegan chai tea icecream and red bean ice cream tasted like? Come on down.
Oh, and don't forget cooking demos and lectures! They are awesome!

If you'll excuse me, now I have to go work on adult passport design. See you at the Vegetarian Food Fair.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Square Foot Show

Square Foot Show pieces are done!
Top one is "Suicidal Penguin", although I think during my delirium, I wrote "Sad Penguin" to submit. Actually... I thought if I say 'suicidal', the painting won't sell. There is a funny yet not so funny story behind this penguin painting. I stood up all night once last week. It was first time in like, ten years. Even at school, I at least got one or two hours of sleep. And I couldn't even sleep the following day to meet deadlines. So I was so tired to the point of hallucinating. I was seeing evil clowns, purple clouds... It was creepy. Then I had a brilliant idea for a painting. Hey, why don't I do a bunny suicide painting!? Then my superb brain went further. Why don't I make a whole book of bunny suicides!?! Brilliant!!! I was so proud of myself and did some sketches. That night I slept deeply and well. The next day... what the??!? What was I thinking in my sleepless delirium? Of course there is a book of bunny suicide and I happen to love that book. And of course, the real book is million times better than crazy scribbles I did the night before. Wow, that's a long story... so anyhow, I changed the bunny to penguin and made use of one of my sketches.

The second one is, well, "Everybody Dance". Er... the roundish thingy on right of big bear on the foreground (God all mighty! That is a bear) is a baby seal. You know, they roll in snow with their round bodies? Yup, that's them cute baby seals.

What a crazy summer I am having. It's work after work. Today was one of few days that I got to get outside. Well, I had to, in order to submit Square Foot pieces. It was a strange sensation, finally being out of my apartment and walking. I met my friend Britt on the way home, we walked along Queen street, talking. An hour walk felt like a second. That was nice, even though I was in awkward anti-social mood. I really should get out more and socialize with my friends...

BUT... one more huge project to do. This new project is so huge, I won't be able to rest until August 16th. Vishnu bless my soul.

Anyways, Britt and I are both in Square Foot show. So do other 700 artists. Oh and my brother also. Come and check them out.

Location: 100A Ossington Ave. 2nd floor
Exhibition dates: August 16th 12pm -September 7th, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello Again!

Finally.... After disappearing for four months, here I am.

I've been so busy. I've been more busy than when I was in school. I draw draw and paint paint morning till night, everyday. And slowly going mad. I am a bag lady, yes I am!
Before things got so busy with art, I was in Vancouver for a job training (which went to hell), and moved to Toronto. To my defense, during this time I didn't have internet to update my blog. Well, I didn't have internet till last week.

I've finished two major projects. There are still two more to go, but I am taking today off. And what's better way to spend the day off than updating my sad blog?
I swore to myself to update it every Thursday from now on. I swear.

The first set of photos shown on the top is from our GradShow. To my surprised, I won Best in Show. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought of winning Best in Show, ever. I still get dead scared thinking about that moment, getting sweaty palms. I so didn't deserve it among my super talented classmates.

These are images from Toronto Outdoor Arts Exhibition. My good friend Pat took the second photo. The empty spots are the paintings/drawings that are sold. I sold quite a bit, more than I expected. Finally, I could afford a phone line and internet. I will feature more of new stuff from TOAE in later blog post. I will be in Herbivore magazine's art issue, and I'll post new art when the magazine comes out.

And... I just completed a new short graphic novel! It's part of Chaos 2 comic anthology. It will be coming out soon. Wait for my sample pages when the book gets published. I pretty much almost killed myself for this project. Mine's black and white. I am afraid mine will be the only black/white piece there. I tried to focus more on the story rather than being decorative. I hope it's well received. Here is the site to Chaos 1. I will post etsy site for Chaos 1 sales soon. Chaos 2 is still in the editing phase.

Well, that's it. I have some exciting projects coming up. I have to work on them... eh... right now. Okay, I am going into another zombie illustrator phase, starting tomorrow. Today, I rest and watch Carnival of Souls.