Friday, August 15, 2008

Sad Cupcake Day

Today was a sad day. It rained a lot while I was outside this afternoon. The rainwater was flooding the street, I was ankle deep with water. By the evening, there was bright, crisp sunlight. I suddenly thought, 'Hey, why don't I get that vegan coconut cupcake I had in Kensington Market yesterday?!?'

There I was, so happy. I ventured outside, stupidly, without an umbrella.

Oh what a mistake it was. I walked all the way to Kensington market but Miss Cora's Kitchen, probably the only source of vegan cupcakes in Toronto, was closed. I was pretty devastated. Then came the pouring rain, yet again. I was trapped there. I wouldn't mind small rain here and there, but this was, once again, an earth-shattering rain. This time, I was without an umbrella.

I ran to Moon Bean's cafe and ordered a tea. There I was, in a damp almost-empty coffee shop, looking at the rain. The girl lovers right beside me started fighting. At first it was entertaining, but when one started crying, pleading to the other girl.... it quickly became depressing.

And of course, I didn't bring my sketchbook. Let me tell you, I always, ALWAYS bring my sketchbook and brush pen everywhere. I never leave home without it. The only one day I decided not to take it (I thought it'd be a quick trip), I desperately needed it. With a crying girls beside me, I frantically searched for any scrap paper in my bag. And... thank god, I found that small ikea pencil. I can escape from reality!

These are the scribble scribble scribbles of my sad cupcake(less) day.


Peter Hong Chan said...

even though it was a sad cupcake(less) day, these are some nice cute sketches!

michael byers said...

cute drawings yourself. THanks for the nice comments on mine. I had a great time. Also thanks for he bday wishes.

Sol said...

Cool drawings and ideas. That's right...always bring your You have so many cool stories to tell...I hope you're still doing those comics.