Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello Again!

Finally.... After disappearing for four months, here I am.

I've been so busy. I've been more busy than when I was in school. I draw draw and paint paint morning till night, everyday. And slowly going mad. I am a bag lady, yes I am!
Before things got so busy with art, I was in Vancouver for a job training (which went to hell), and moved to Toronto. To my defense, during this time I didn't have internet to update my blog. Well, I didn't have internet till last week.

I've finished two major projects. There are still two more to go, but I am taking today off. And what's better way to spend the day off than updating my sad blog?
I swore to myself to update it every Thursday from now on. I swear.

The first set of photos shown on the top is from our GradShow. To my surprised, I won Best in Show. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought of winning Best in Show, ever. I still get dead scared thinking about that moment, getting sweaty palms. I so didn't deserve it among my super talented classmates.

These are images from Toronto Outdoor Arts Exhibition. My good friend Pat took the second photo. The empty spots are the paintings/drawings that are sold. I sold quite a bit, more than I expected. Finally, I could afford a phone line and internet. I will feature more of new stuff from TOAE in later blog post. I will be in Herbivore magazine's art issue, and I'll post new art when the magazine comes out.

And... I just completed a new short graphic novel! It's part of Chaos 2 comic anthology. It will be coming out soon. Wait for my sample pages when the book gets published. I pretty much almost killed myself for this project. Mine's black and white. I am afraid mine will be the only black/white piece there. I tried to focus more on the story rather than being decorative. I hope it's well received. Here is the site to Chaos 1. I will post etsy site for Chaos 1 sales soon. Chaos 2 is still in the editing phase.

Well, that's it. I have some exciting projects coming up. I have to work on them... eh... right now. Okay, I am going into another zombie illustrator phase, starting tomorrow. Today, I rest and watch Carnival of Souls.

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