Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair!

I've been working on a massive, exciting project for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. For the upcoming Vegetarian Food Fair, I am illustrating and designing a passport, children's passports and posters.

Shown on top is the cover of the passport. There are two folds. When you open first fold, there are four trivia questions related to Vegetarianism and Environment (this year's theme) along with questioning animals. The second image is an example of posters. I did four of these with different animals. These posters are on different locations, so that children can explore the Fair and answer passport trivia questions by reading them.

When you open the passport fully (the last image above), there is a small board game called "Save the Penguins!" Something fun to play with while learning about global warming, over fishing, which all effect penguin habitat/food.

There were very little time for me to work on, and I don't see myself sleeping this weekend. However, I am very excited. I've been going to the Vegetarian Food Fair for the past five years with my brother. My brother calls it a Disney Land for vegans/vegetarians. I know, many don't know about it, but Toronto has the BIGGEST vegetarian festival in North America. It's nuts. It's down at Harbour Front Centre on September 5th through 7th. Free admission and insane amount of food. Ever wondered how vegan chai tea icecream and red bean ice cream tasted like? Come on down.
Oh, and don't forget cooking demos and lectures! They are awesome!

If you'll excuse me, now I have to go work on adult passport design. See you at the Vegetarian Food Fair.


vicki said...

i love that food fair! we should go together and eat till we die. deal?

here's hoping i have a job by then to pay for the gluttony!!

desert rose said...

Passports for the children and even for the adults. That is awesome!

As usual, I am looking forward to this event and all the delicious food.

The best event ever in Toronto. Great crowd.