Friday, May 4, 2012

Life is Darkness - Sketchbook Volume 1

Life is Darkness - Sketchbook Volume 1 is here! It features some of my sketchbook work from April 2011 to April 2012.
It's available at TCAF. I only made 12 of these. Hopefully, I sell them? :D I could only make so little because it's all hand bound. Full colours!
The inside of made of accordion fold, one loooooooong page when you expand it (I think about 10.5 feet, I haven't measured it). Take a look at some of the pages:

I think I really like furry snakes.

"Why so ugly gray?" You might ask. It's because I made it look like one of my favourite sketchbooks. I love utilitarian thick empty gray cardboards my sketchbook has. I first saw this kind of binding from ReadyMade books. And I'm still in love with such binding. It's fun to draw on the cover.

I also often cover my sketchbook with stickers. The zine suppose to look like my sketchbook. Thanks Selena for the idea! And also J. W. Cotter's Driven by Lemons.

The table is almost set up. See you tomorrow at TCAF! xoxo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

❤ TCAF 2012 ❤

 The photo shows my sketchbook work from April 2011 to April 2012 (chronological order).

For TCAF 2012, I am releasing Volume 1 of this year's sketchbook work. I'd like to post the photo of the zine, but to my shame, it's still at the printers. I will update as soon as I get them.
Sketchbook stickers while watching Quiet Earth. It's a post-apocalyptic (sort of. How can I say definitively if the apocalypse is on-going?) story about everyone dead except three people on earth. Very engaging film, but try not to watch alone. 

And finally... My brother is releasing Cat 3! It features a fat cat eating stuff. I guarantee cuteness. 

Here is the TCAF plan! I am at the backroom on the first floor, table 165, where Hand-eye society and Kid Koala are. I am sitting beside my friends Ben and facing Ian.
If you happen to walk by, please come and say hello.

Info on the event:
TCAF @ Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge. St, north of Yonge TTC
Saturday May 5th, 9am-5pm
Sunday May 6th, 11am-5pm
Free to attend

This is very shameful to admit. But for the past FOUR DAYS, I've been playing Solaris on loop, everyday, while robotically scanning and re-touching images. It is one of those perfect movies with my favourite theme of memory and letting go. It is a sad movie though (although parts of it makes me smile), that many repeats took me to some dark places in my head. As I am about to do some printing now, I want to play it again. Before I saw this movie, my friend told me it's exactly a kind of movie I'd like. Now I'm so hopelessly addicted. It's surreal to go outside after being stuck in a room with Solaris music & dialogues playing in the background for so long. It's going to be 23 degrees today, I better get the fuck out.

Lastly, some silly oopik drawings from last night.