Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I lost my ipod!!!!

That's right. I lost my ipod.

The tragedy was due to the following incident.

I was walking by row of restaurants beside where I work. Just minding my business, going home after tiring day at work. I was packing my 160 dollar noise cancelling ear phones (which I also lost... my brother bought me for my birthday last year. The look of disappointment in his eyes when I told him I lost the earphones... good god).
Someone whistled at me. I got very angry, I wanted to see what kind of loser would do such a thing. What do you know, it's normal looking guy in white button up shirt, sitting in a restaurant patio, not even a pub. He was sitting with a woman and another man (again, very normal looking bunch). What were his friends thinking? It's cool to have psycho friend?
When I looked at him with anger, he said slyly, "hey babe"
I got very angry, but couldn't say anything as I don't want him to chase me down and fight me or something. In amidst of all these, I didn't see where I put my ipod pouch and dropped it on the street, completely forgotten.

Aaaaak! I even put devil shaped silicon case for it and everything! My ipod was only 1 year old and I didn't even take off the scratch protection. I should've taken it off and live the live on the fast lane.

I feel violated thinking about somebody else picking up and using it, I better forget. Let's just hope that it's not that whistle guy who got to keep my ipod.

About two weeks ago or so, I whistled at my friend for dressing very nice and said the exact same words, "hey babe".
It was a joke plus compliment, but strange coincidence. Karma, perhaps?