Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketching October

Profile drawings of people I know. I went to see a jazz band on Friday, and did some sketches. Many other jazz inspired drawings to come.

Yesh, it's depressing these days. We are witnessing the Western Capitalism failing, and what do you know, artists are at the bottom of the food chain. We are the most educated generation, but it's hard to find a decent paying job... Counting inflation, we get paid less than ever.
Oh, also all these doomsday talk. Global warming is here, and grain price is sky rocketing... Global water war is looming over us... Island of Madagascar is, well, quickly being destroyed. I am a generally happy person, but with weather and all, I've been gloomy on and off.

There are many reasons to be depressed. But seriously, it won't help anybody. I saw in this Korean documentary, that happiness is like a muscle, you have to work at it. In that documentary, they made their test subjects (who are all suicidal) to laugh outloud, and write down what they are grateful for. Everyday.

So I re-started Hyein Grateful list. More to come. Try it. Really, you'll realize how fortunate you are.

I hope to god I spelled hallelujah right. ...Goddamn, the spell checker says no. I apologize.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Applied Arts Student Award

This is another vanity post, I apologize in advance. I won student illustration award at Applied Arts magazine. Two of my illustrations were featured. I'm really grateful for my awesome teachers, Rick Sealock and Donna Braggins who helped me through these illustrations.
Rick Sealock has been my favourite illustrator for a long time and it was great learning from him. Cruel yet to the point critiques. Yes, I hate to say, but I needed it.

Hyein Featured at Illustrophile!

What a wonderful way to start my sickly week. After a sleepless night of emergency room trip, I came home to this news. I've been featured at Illustrophile!
It makes me feel famous. I thank my mom and pa, my awesome brother, and all those vegan donut makers out there.

The Nuit Blanche weekend was wonderful. If you saw giant skull heads at my good friends of Play Dead Cult, know that one of them was I!