Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I lost my ipod!!!!

That's right. I lost my ipod.

The tragedy was due to the following incident.

I was walking by row of restaurants beside where I work. Just minding my business, going home after tiring day at work. I was packing my 160 dollar noise cancelling ear phones (which I also lost... my brother bought me for my birthday last year. The look of disappointment in his eyes when I told him I lost the earphones... good god).
Someone whistled at me. I got very angry, I wanted to see what kind of loser would do such a thing. What do you know, it's normal looking guy in white button up shirt, sitting in a restaurant patio, not even a pub. He was sitting with a woman and another man (again, very normal looking bunch). What were his friends thinking? It's cool to have psycho friend?
When I looked at him with anger, he said slyly, "hey babe"
I got very angry, but couldn't say anything as I don't want him to chase me down and fight me or something. In amidst of all these, I didn't see where I put my ipod pouch and dropped it on the street, completely forgotten.

Aaaaak! I even put devil shaped silicon case for it and everything! My ipod was only 1 year old and I didn't even take off the scratch protection. I should've taken it off and live the live on the fast lane.

I feel violated thinking about somebody else picking up and using it, I better forget. Let's just hope that it's not that whistle guy who got to keep my ipod.

About two weeks ago or so, I whistled at my friend for dressing very nice and said the exact same words, "hey babe".
It was a joke plus compliment, but strange coincidence. Karma, perhaps?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Puke You, Puke Me

Every morning, on my way to work, I doodle on my sketchbook in the GO train. I wish I could take train home too, so I can draw, but by then, all the trains are discontinued, so I have to take GO buses. I get car sick very easily, so I often just listen to podcasts or sleep.
Despite of my hatred towards commuting (total four godforbidden hours a day), making art is blessing. I want to complain to GO authorities, demanding train services till 6:30pm. I mean, in Oakville, there is a train service past midnight.

All the talkings/whinings aside... so this is one of the GO series in my sketchbook. There are more, but I am too tired to upload them.

I love how this one turned out. I mean, who wouldn't love the charm of a puking cat?
And the beauty of Japanese papers are used for something putrid.
I often hear a story about people puking after watching their friends puke. Oh, that reminds me, when I was in junior high, my friend almost puked after seeing me puking.

Puke me, puke you. Oh, what a wonderful world.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monster Calendar

Today's going to be lots of new posts in a long time! Summer monster calendar! I made for all four seasons, but this one is my favourite.


I made a monster head for our Bikeshare assignment. Bikeshare is a community-share bicycle program, that's being going under. We were to make an advertising campaign for it. Our idea was a guerrilla marketing. I bike around downtown with the Bikeshare bicycle wearing the monster head! Josephine decorated the monster bike, Billy made bike stand with a monster theme, logo, and Nick made posters. I came up with the name and quite proud of it, indeed.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cloud Colouring Contest

I entered colouring contest by izik Levy few weeks ago (or was it months ago?). Just colouring his sketches using photoshop.
I won! I won! I won this cute necklace. I always wanted one of his art, and very happy to own a squid pendant.
Izik Levy is a very talented glass artist in Toronto. His website is here.

Paper Dolls

These are going to be paper cut out dolls. Drawn for Mr. David R. Keyes band.
The girl at the very left with the tambourine is moi. Mr. Keyes is in bunny suite, rocking out. Rocking out indeed. I cannot wait for our next show. We hope to sell lots of CDs and these paper doll cutouts are going to be used as promo items. Another band member, the laptop was ordered just this evening, so I don't have an image yet. I apologise to Mr. ibook in advance.

No Such Thing

This is work titled 'No Such Thing'. Made for the student gallery. Yesh, it was inspired by the movie 'No Such Thing' starring Sarah Polly.
A monster dreaming of innocent bunnies under the moon light. The girl at the bottom will be its friend.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bubbly Bubbly Whale Portfolio Folder

Many sleepless nights and nervous panic attacks this coop search is causing me, .... I better get a damn good coop position. I especially worked like umm... busy worms (?) for Kessels Kramer, Scholastic, 3:AM Design and Globe and Mail positions. Shouldn't I be drawing and painting more instead? Like I said, I better get a DAMN good position.

Among many things, I am very proud with the Scholastic portfolio folder. It's all handmade by me. Yesh, it took me too long, but I love the result. I mean, what kind of evil and twisted fucks would dislike a whale? (...George Bush?)
Poor whales, they now living in toxic sea, eating garbages and being hunted by...
Anyways, Scholastic doesn't return the portfolio, so I had a hard time letting this folder go. I rarely give up originals, but I made an exception this time. I better get a goddamn good coop position.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Raw Carrot Cake Recipe

This is a part of the recipe series. I illustrated Raw Carrot Cake Recipe from Freshtopia. Visit their video blog! Good time guaranteed :D These nice people will show my illustrations in their blog.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Raw Apple Chowder

Recipe assignment for Joe Morse's class. There are no instructions, I omitted them because it's very simple to make! All the ingredients are shown in the illustration... pretty much... I think.
In a blender, blend following:
1/2 cup cashew butter
1 tbsp maple syrup
water to thin (add till the mixture is creamy consistency)

Then chop an apple or two. Pour the cashew cream mixture on top. Chop peacans and walnuts and toss them in to the mixture. Sprinkle raisins (I prefer dried blueberrries myself), and sprinkle all spice, cinnamon and mace.

It's so very good. *drool*
Oh, I learned to make this from Freshtopia video blog.

The Night of Frozen Bunena

An invitation I made for the night of frozen bunena, watching Arrested Development.
I want bunenas! Properly ripen bunenas have freckles. Soft, creamy, very nice.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Young Bride

My only remaining highschool friend, Yulian (okay, I didn't have any friend in highschool, but nonetheless) told me she's getting married. *sniff* I can't believe Yulian's getting married... Time really flies by. She made me a maid of honour which made me panic in fear (I do not know anything about marriage ceremonies. Must research!) but also very honoured. We had a dinner together, chatting and brought her home to do this painting tonight. Painting to celebrate her marriage announcement.

Yulian's favourite colour is pink, thus I tried to use it everywhere I can. The painting took three hours, which she patiently sit still for me. I like the way it turned out, but wished there were more negative space. I think I should've gotten a bigger canvas. It would've been really nice with huge vast vertical space (with patterns) on top. I also didn't explore the full potential of 'wooden' canvas. I wanted to carve and scratch and sand more... but didn't have enough time. I mean, it's mean to make her sit all night. D:
Mixed media on wooden canvas.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


On my way to meet my old friend, I got to draw very interesting looking person. Drawing makes subway riding so much fun and fast.

My New Years

My mom fell and broke three bones. On the New Years Eve, I had to stay in the hospital with her from morning till night. What a dreadful experience... Although I was thankful & impressed with Canadian hospital system, this added more reason for me to despise the holiday season. This is a quick sketch of my mom in the dingy hospital room.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bunnies & Xocolat!

I just really really like this painting because bunnies are always nice. They are fluffy and so (oh-so) nice. This was suppose to be rough for the infamous flipbook assignment. I went to the final with these small rough paintings. It was not a very good idea to paint the whole 60 something page flipbook. After many nights of missed sleep, I started hallucinating, seeing creepy dust bunnies everywhere.

The flip book was on Dagoba Organic Hot Chocolate crystals. Fair trade and vegan! Hallelujah!
This beautiful hot chocolate crystal has these little chocolate nuggets that stay solid in the hot solvent (preferably soymilk), and they softly melt in your mouth. It's fun to fish them out during drinking hot chocolate or eat sunk ones after drinking. I think this hot chocolate has chili powder in it. Yum.
Even though it's organic with no artificial fillers or anything, I still think it's negative on health. It is a sugar bomb.

Owly Wrath

This was done in second year. Let's make it clear that I have WAY more owl dolls than what's presented in the painting. My lack of painting ability limited to two owls. Such is sad reality.

Magazine Subscription Cards

Giant Robot subscription card slash finger puppets. The white circles are dye cuts and you can put your finger through them to play with!

Top image is rough and the bottom is final. The bottom right robot, the red evil spider one is my least favourite but couldn't think of anything. It's suppose to be an 'evil' robot, but wasn't resolved very well. Even the background for that one is too muddy. Other than that, I'm happy with the rest.

Bubble Bubble

A small portrait of my friend done for his birthday last month. I better practice more as this doesn't quite look like him. The material and the composition is a bit boring. This acrylic crackle medium actually worked this time. However, they were quite strange crackles, almost like wrinkles in most parts. I wish I put more textures in the background and be more loose with paintings (more creative).

But I shan't be such a moody little fish as some might say. Moody fish are often green and green is such a awful ugly colour.

Who doesn't love Sea Monsters!?!

The objective was to illustrate stranger's strange conversation (Stranger in a Strange Land...). Top is the rough and the bottom is the final. Composition is very scattered and viewer cannot stay in the picture. But I really like the sea monster and the letterings on the left.

Self Portrait

A quick self portrait with left over acrylic paints late at night after doing a project. I have mirrors all over my room to do self portraits all the time. At the time of the mirror installations, I completely forgot that I am very afraid of mirrors late at night. Irrational, one might assume. But let's say you are putting your right hand up and your reflection puts its left hand up. I'm very afraid. At night, my room is a portal for potentially evil owl twins.

Jet Fuel Super Hero

This is a coffee cup sleeve illustration for interpretive illustration class with Joe Morse. It is for the coffee shop in Pearson Airport. I actually went to the airport to research like any good behaving owl should. The coffee I chose was 'Jet Fuel'. Jet Fuel gives you energy (and RedBull gives you wings! Kids, I'm kidding. Caffeine is downright evil. No matter what they say about the benefits of coffee - the studies were probably funded by serious coffee zombies) like a super hero.
Joe Morse mentioned:
But I couldn't resist the opportunity of making Atomic Boy sort of illustration....

I like the character, but the background city bothers me. I haven't got a clue what to do with it. If there is any suggestion with the city, drop me a line please.