Saturday, June 9, 2007

Puke You, Puke Me

Every morning, on my way to work, I doodle on my sketchbook in the GO train. I wish I could take train home too, so I can draw, but by then, all the trains are discontinued, so I have to take GO buses. I get car sick very easily, so I often just listen to podcasts or sleep.
Despite of my hatred towards commuting (total four godforbidden hours a day), making art is blessing. I want to complain to GO authorities, demanding train services till 6:30pm. I mean, in Oakville, there is a train service past midnight.

All the talkings/whinings aside... so this is one of the GO series in my sketchbook. There are more, but I am too tired to upload them.

I love how this one turned out. I mean, who wouldn't love the charm of a puking cat?
And the beauty of Japanese papers are used for something putrid.
I often hear a story about people puking after watching their friends puke. Oh, that reminds me, when I was in junior high, my friend almost puked after seeing me puking.

Puke me, puke you. Oh, what a wonderful world.


Chau said...

Booo Go bus. Woooo Go train! i commute everyday to sheridan, and now i actually kinda miss it lol love drawing on the train! ooooo! i hope you post more of the your go series!!<3

"Puke me, puke you. Oh, what a wonderful world." LOL, ooh indeedy it is! hehe i especially love the use of japanese paper. =O where dooo you get your pretty paper supplies! *_*

=S i just FEEL like puking whenever i HEAR the sound of puking..... lol kinda like that guy from my sassy girl XD

Rey O said...

hey Hyein!

kozyndan have a cute picture of you on their flickr, take a look!