Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Heart You, Yes You!

I was keep on falling asleep trying to do homework for tomorrow. Constant complaints about my Master's makes me sound like a very gloom person, I know. Seriously, I'm not! Believe me! Just look at the list of these pretentious words (in readings/discussions/classes, etc) I encounter daily basis. It's bound to make anyone gloom. I keep a list of these. Welcome to "The Words I Absolutely Hate" list (there are some phrases as well):

-discourse: it sounds even more repulsive when people actually use it in conversations
-obfuscates: WHAT???
-in it of it itself: make a round gesture with your hands while say this BS
-metanarrative: wow, just WOW
-disembodied: pops up everywhere without any restrain. Truly putrid, pretentious word
-mirror phase
-Freud: I am very sorry. I know a lot of people worship him, but I really cannot take him seriously. Sounds mostly BS. And please stop bringing Freud on every contemporary art work. Is that really all you got?
-ethnographer (when talking about artists): makes me ill
-paradigm, paradigm shift: I thought you can only use 'paradigm shift' in mathematics. However, since language is a floating thing, it's okay to use it now. This pretentious phrase makes me go ape s**t
-discursive paradigm: not even going to bother looking up dictionary
-reflexivity: *sigh*
-polyphony: Good lord
-dialectic: I just LOVE IT when art theories act like philosophy
-identity: I realized I can throw in this word during any sentence at any point I want. It's a simple no-brainer word, but at the same time, sounds very professional and Post Modernism. Use 'identity' freely, abundantly
-any French words that isn't translated: I HATE these. Thank you very much. 'dans le vrai', 'vis-a-vis' and alike. Wow. Thank you. Not translating whatever that you are saying, makes you sound really smart. Can I use Korean words freely in my theoretical paper without translation too, just to sound intellectual? Oh, what, Asian words don't count? Maybe some cool Japanese words?

All these 'intellectual papers' written on subject of art is very laughable. Yes, and you got it right, I don't quite understand what I read either. I do not think I'm that dumb. I suspect Contemporary Art criticism is trying to legitimatize itself by sounding quasi-smart, quasi-academic. I swear to god... if I hear 'discourse', 'disembodied' one more time, I'll.....

I should stop here, before I spew out more anger-driven nonsense. What I gotta learn is how to love~

Saga of hateful words continues...