Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Are Dune Hyein

Oh~ Internet Memes... How I love thee!
I've always been fascinated by them. The idea that strangers all over the world (okay, maybe mostly among the blocks of same language culture) share the same joke, and the perpetuity. It's moving to think that we are somehow connected, just like that science news about everyone's ancestry in the world traces back to this one woman. We are not so different from one another after all.

And there's that name, "Internet Memes". Meme is a cool word to begin with. And it's not only because Richard Dawkins first coined the term in his book, "The Selfish Gene" (which I gave up reading in English... a massive failure. I have hard time concentrating on English books if they are not sci-fi. However, I recently acquired a Korean translated volume), but it sounds so smart and nice. Also its meaning - cultural/psychological gene that has its own interest of survival - is way too cool. Lastly, how it sounds! 'Meme' sounds nostalgic... cute and sad. Like that girl Momo from the novel, The Grey Gentlemen.

I particularly loved the Dune Cat internet meme because of its fuse with a popular sci-fi book, and the Lolcat (funny cat photos with wrong grammar). So awesome.
I didn't really like the book, Dune, but the movie was surely a weird thing to watch. I liked looking at the worms and the thumpers. The thumpers (make thumping sound to attract the worms) made me happy. Eyes being baby blue and iris being darker blue - they are more from the movie than the book. So there's another layer of popular culture in this Internet Meme joke.
Just another boring note to the side... I used to love playing the Dune II game when I was little. It was a strategy game. Not knowing any English back then, it was quite hard for me to play. Game play: You mine the spice just before the worm surfaces from the desert and eats your equipment. And invade/build stuff. I loved it when I turned on the game, an intelligent, sharp and robotic female voice saying, "Dune, the land (or "world"? Can't remember) of Dynasty" I used to impersonate that voice all the time until my brother gets irritated. So... I have quite a soft spot for Dune.

Bringing the very long story to the end.... I made homage to Dune Cat internet meme. Click to the photo and you can see that my eyes are blue from being addicted to the spice. Now my embarrassing past-time is for the world to see. But vanity post like this is hard to resist.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Uncle Ronnie's Popup Holiday Art Shop

I'm participating at Uncle Ronnie's Popup Holiday Art Shop in Kensington.
Opening night is tomorrow, Saturday December 20th 7-11pm.
Shop's open December 20-24th 11-7pm.
Buy art for holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Come in Peace

Tsk tsk... those naiive scientists! They are busy making AIs, but don't they know, as soon as the computers become sentient, they'll rise against us. You know it!
And they know how to lie too. Don't trust them when they say, 'We Come in Peace'

These are very recent (hot as hot potatoes!) illustrations I did for a snowboard design competition. There are many things I'd like to fix still, but I would love to ride snowboard with my own designs. I used to snowboard a lot in my teens until it got boring. It gets boring if one's too chicken shit to jump at all (not that I'm particularly good at downhill either. Sports hurts). Due to my fear of jumping, my five-year love affair ended. I think having a butt-ugly board also contributed to my demise. Back then, there were no girl boards. Seriously. If I win this competition, I'll go snowboarding. Promise to myself. My second design is 'Daruma'. It's a Japanese wish doll. I made a new year's promo for this, so more explanation closer to the new years. If I had more time, I would've fixed scattered flowers more... you both win and lose with randomness.
Also check out my friend Ian's awesome submission too!

Okay, I tried to act all detached and cool about things... but this Christmas scares me chestnuts! I work every Christmas at my parents' custom embroidery store in a mall. We've been there just over 10 years. And every Christmas has been absolute insanity. There were so many customers, we couldn't sit, drink or eat. All four of us (and sometimes more) worked in a small store in frenzy. We once had to work 27 hours straight (embroidering embroidering...). But this year... there is NOBODY in the mall. I've been going to the store to help out, but I'm not needed. We just sit and watch highschool kids browsing around. Yes, economy is collapsing and it's depressing. Also, thanks to media scary tactics, people don't spend money even if they have some. Making things worse.

Rich and supposedly-smart people in Wallstreet ruining for everybody in the world. Like Alfred said in that Batman movie, "Some men just want to watch the world burn".
How are we illustrators survive in this harsh economic times? I simply don't know.
I wish I didn't quit that job at a coffee shop.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pathetically Late Halloween Illustration

Halloween is my favourite holiday. Monsters are at loose, and there is magic in the air. Everyone on the street is giddy happy and everyone dresses interestingly. And I fit right in without a costume. So please understand that I missed my Halloween posting. I was busy out and about. And with all the excitement surrounding our fellow Americans' (yup, a week before, I would've never said 'our fellow Americans', but now, things have changed. You boys and girls are A-alright!) new president.

This horribly late Halloween illustration was going to be a promo, but that's not going to happen anymore. So just look at it late, and think back to this year's yet-another awesome Halloween.

If you saw the movie 'Ringu', you'd totally recognize this image (or American or Korean re-make of it). Ahhh.... the Ringu.... Brings me back some old memories. 10 years ago, I saw this Korean movie called 'Ring Virus'. I thought it was weirdly well made for a Korean movie. I know, nowadays, Korean movies are innovative and awesome. But back then... they still sucked. Then I got to read the novel 'Ringu', which 'Ring Virus' was based on. It was one of the scariest books I've ever read. And I found out that there is a Japanese version of the movie. God, I hunted. Hunted hard for that movie. Finally, I got this battered up copy of a VIDEO TAPE. Um, Ringu is about a ghost that kills people through old video tape. So you can imagine my terror as I popped that baby into VCR.
...Remember, by this time, I saw the Korean version of the movie and also read the book. But this Japanese 'Ringu' movie was a different beast all together. Subtle, subdued, scratched quality... with haunting sound effects... Story-wise, it was better than the book. The awkward hermaphrodite story was cut and Cthulhu mythos was thrown in... By the end of the movie, I was uneasy thinking, I'd get a phone call from the ghost like the other characters in the movie.
Anyways... this movie started all those trends that still exist in horror movies now: the creepy little girl, industrial sounds, numbing silence, creepily moving ghosts... If you watch Ringu now, you might not find it remarkable because you are so used to above over-used homage to Ringu. But back then.... Eeeeeek, scary!!! There simply were no other movies like that before. Ah... I have such a soft spot for Ringu.
Speaking of horror movies... Every once in a while, you stumble upon a luck of catching a brilliant film on a big screen. To celebrate Halloween, I went to see 'Let the Right One In' at Scotiabank Theatre. Yeah, I consider myself lucky seeing this film. Go watch it!What a beautiful piece of ice cake! It looked like a Sigur Ros music videos. Desolate and bleak sceneries, but also heart breaking beauty everywhere... This movie has everything. Love, death, vampires (!!!), spontaneous combustion, gore, acid burn, comedy (although.. I was the only one laughing in the theatre... Me no Engrish), heart breaking sadness... but does it all with such style and control. Um, yeah, like other vampire movies... this one also makes rules about what kills vampires (going into someone's house uninvited, in this case). But you can easily forget about that. And if you are not a vampire buff, you don't really care.
Hm, I should talk about the plot a little but I don't want to spoil it for you. Oskar, a bullied loner boy (who's really smart, so has harder time fitting in) falls in love with a strange girl next door, who lives with an old man. Yup, the girl is a vampire. That's all I'm going to tell you. There is a talk that it's going to be remade in Hollywood. So go watch it before it gets butchered!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketching October

Profile drawings of people I know. I went to see a jazz band on Friday, and did some sketches. Many other jazz inspired drawings to come.

Yesh, it's depressing these days. We are witnessing the Western Capitalism failing, and what do you know, artists are at the bottom of the food chain. We are the most educated generation, but it's hard to find a decent paying job... Counting inflation, we get paid less than ever.
Oh, also all these doomsday talk. Global warming is here, and grain price is sky rocketing... Global water war is looming over us... Island of Madagascar is, well, quickly being destroyed. I am a generally happy person, but with weather and all, I've been gloomy on and off.

There are many reasons to be depressed. But seriously, it won't help anybody. I saw in this Korean documentary, that happiness is like a muscle, you have to work at it. In that documentary, they made their test subjects (who are all suicidal) to laugh outloud, and write down what they are grateful for. Everyday.

So I re-started Hyein Grateful list. More to come. Try it. Really, you'll realize how fortunate you are.

I hope to god I spelled hallelujah right. ...Goddamn, the spell checker says no. I apologize.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Applied Arts Student Award

This is another vanity post, I apologize in advance. I won student illustration award at Applied Arts magazine. Two of my illustrations were featured. I'm really grateful for my awesome teachers, Rick Sealock and Donna Braggins who helped me through these illustrations.
Rick Sealock has been my favourite illustrator for a long time and it was great learning from him. Cruel yet to the point critiques. Yes, I hate to say, but I needed it.

Hyein Featured at Illustrophile!

What a wonderful way to start my sickly week. After a sleepless night of emergency room trip, I came home to this news. I've been featured at Illustrophile!
It makes me feel famous. I thank my mom and pa, my awesome brother, and all those vegan donut makers out there.

The Nuit Blanche weekend was wonderful. If you saw giant skull heads at my good friends of Play Dead Cult, know that one of them was I!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Clothing Show

Oh what an eventful weekend it was!
I missed the Thursday post and I see myself missing Thursday posting from now one due to my work. I am going to post on every weekend instead.

My pieces were displayed at the Clothing Show until yesterday among other talented local artists like Ms Ding. It was very generous of Clothing Show people to let us show our work at the very front of the Clothing Show.

I was being very very smart not to bring my promos nor put my name on the price cards. I'm continuously amazed by my brilliant brain! I always bring my promo cards everywhere I go, except when it's absolutely crucial. I was going to go back on Saturday morning to put my promo on my display wall, but then, Murphy's Law striked. I was too sick to move on Saturday....
Alas, nobody knew who did these paintings...
For anyone who was wondering at all.... it was I. It was I....

On this gloomy Monday afternoon, I sit and regret my stupidity!

The very last piece on the right is Ms Ding's portrayal of Imogen Heap.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Got *soy* Milk?

Finally, I got a part-time job. I must say, it's a relief to escape from the land of the unemployed zombies. I can finally pay for useless stuff (such as a cupcake shaped bracelets that I recently purchased on etsy... a blog post coming up as soon as the bracelet arrives)!
I'll be TA-ing at OCAD starting tomorrow, helping illustration students with computers! I'm very excited, yesh I am. More exciting than that strawberry banana soymilk. Oh man, that strawberry banana soymilk is a dope. I cannot find it anywhere anymore, however.

This is a random sketch I did one night. Threadless (a T-shirt site) is having a competition with a theme of 'draw'. Basically, turning a sketch into a T-shirt design. So yes, here it is. I really like this guy. Possibly on a yellow t-shirt!

My friends, please please vote for me! (If I get enough votes, they'll print my designs on t-shirts) :D
Click below banner to vote!

Got *soy* Milk? - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shameless Magazine

This is an illustration I did for Shameless Magazine. It's an alternative magazine for teen girls. I was quite happy to work with them as it sends such positive messages to teen girls in North America. Everywhere they turn, they hear/learn that appearance is everything as a girl. Shameless Magazine is one magazine out there, which helps girls to think critically. And maybe help raise the next generation of women who make their name with their intelligence, creativity and inner beauty.

This article about how Hollywood focuses on young male voices while ignoring girls and older writers. It starts off with Iron Man example. I loved that movie and it is one of my favourite movies (Robert Downey Jr.!). However, IT IS sexist. I shouldn't expect too much from a summer action block buster movie, but at least one smart/strong female character (without making her into an expendable one-night-stand)
would've made a difference.

Anyways, Shameless, a Canadian magazine with some awesome articles. I wish I had it growing up.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vegetarian Food Fair!

This weekend was the Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront Centre. Oh yes, it was! I ate ate ate ate like a pig that I am. The photo is me eating a vegan hotdog bun from King's Cafe booth. 

Vegetarian Food Fair is like a Disney Land for my brother and I. We go there every year to buy goodies and eat finger foods. Why, if I have a fortune of living close to the North America's largest vegetarian fair, then I sure will thoroughly exploit it to the very end! And exploited I did. I went there twice this weekend, once on Saturday and then Sunday. I couldn't try all the foods I wanted to on the first day (I got too full), so I had to go back. It was rainy today, so there were less people. The vegan cupcakes that I eyed yesterday were still there. Green tea, chocolate and vanilla flavours! Those tasty morsels drove me nuts. I wanted a whole box. 

But hey, is this a Hyein Food Blog!? No!
The most important reason for the post is... my illustrations at Vegetarian Food Fair! Yes! My children's passports on one table and my posters in some parts. Sadly, the children's passports were... well... not everywhere as I hoped. And I don't think there were stickers or anything for answering trivia questions. I was heartbroken. But at least they were there. For a moment, I thought they didn't print them, as I couldn't find them anywhere. I was sad that I didn't see any kid with the passport. Oh why oh why...

Note: I am using Google's new Chrome right now, and it doesn't have automatic spell checker. And there are some annoying errors that make me mad. I cannot even tell whether it's faster with ever-slow gmails either. Just a rant. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

At Mozart Piano Cafe

My friends and I had an art opening night at Mozart Piano Cafe last night. Thank you for all who attended!
Our art works are going to be displayed there for two weeks for those who are interested. The address is:
2 Murray St. Suite 100
Toronto ON
Come on over and have some of their warm cup of organic coffee and enjoy art.

There was some live music last night. Yes there was!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Firefly and Robert Downey Jr.

During many recent nights of sleepless painting nights, I've been playing Joss Whedon's Firefly series. I remember liking Serenity, but never got around watching Firefly. "Space Cowboy' thing? Nah.
Then what do you know... my eyes were glued to the screen, which made me stay up even later finishing my last minute projects.

What an awesome show, I really liked it. And had to sketch Gina Torres' beautiful face. She plays Zoe, my favourite character next to Inara. Zoe is a first mate (I think?) of the ship. Very strong female character like Buffy. This is a weird statement as I don't think I've really watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This one is... believe or not, Robert Downey Jr.!
Wow, so many celebrities (um, total of two) in this post, it's almost cool.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Ironman, Fur.... he is so good in everything.
Um, he is extremely hot in 'Fur', Diane Arbus' imagined biography. I cried watching that movie... then reached for a scrap piece of paper. I'll do a better job next time. There are plenty of Robert Downey Jr. portrait coming. Yesh.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sad Cupcake Day

Today was a sad day. It rained a lot while I was outside this afternoon. The rainwater was flooding the street, I was ankle deep with water. By the evening, there was bright, crisp sunlight. I suddenly thought, 'Hey, why don't I get that vegan coconut cupcake I had in Kensington Market yesterday?!?'

There I was, so happy. I ventured outside, stupidly, without an umbrella.

Oh what a mistake it was. I walked all the way to Kensington market but Miss Cora's Kitchen, probably the only source of vegan cupcakes in Toronto, was closed. I was pretty devastated. Then came the pouring rain, yet again. I was trapped there. I wouldn't mind small rain here and there, but this was, once again, an earth-shattering rain. This time, I was without an umbrella.

I ran to Moon Bean's cafe and ordered a tea. There I was, in a damp almost-empty coffee shop, looking at the rain. The girl lovers right beside me started fighting. At first it was entertaining, but when one started crying, pleading to the other girl.... it quickly became depressing.

And of course, I didn't bring my sketchbook. Let me tell you, I always, ALWAYS bring my sketchbook and brush pen everywhere. I never leave home without it. The only one day I decided not to take it (I thought it'd be a quick trip), I desperately needed it. With a crying girls beside me, I frantically searched for any scrap paper in my bag. And... thank god, I found that small ikea pencil. I can escape from reality!

These are the scribble scribble scribbles of my sad cupcake(less) day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair!

I've been working on a massive, exciting project for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. For the upcoming Vegetarian Food Fair, I am illustrating and designing a passport, children's passports and posters.

Shown on top is the cover of the passport. There are two folds. When you open first fold, there are four trivia questions related to Vegetarianism and Environment (this year's theme) along with questioning animals. The second image is an example of posters. I did four of these with different animals. These posters are on different locations, so that children can explore the Fair and answer passport trivia questions by reading them.

When you open the passport fully (the last image above), there is a small board game called "Save the Penguins!" Something fun to play with while learning about global warming, over fishing, which all effect penguin habitat/food.

There were very little time for me to work on, and I don't see myself sleeping this weekend. However, I am very excited. I've been going to the Vegetarian Food Fair for the past five years with my brother. My brother calls it a Disney Land for vegans/vegetarians. I know, many don't know about it, but Toronto has the BIGGEST vegetarian festival in North America. It's nuts. It's down at Harbour Front Centre on September 5th through 7th. Free admission and insane amount of food. Ever wondered how vegan chai tea icecream and red bean ice cream tasted like? Come on down.
Oh, and don't forget cooking demos and lectures! They are awesome!

If you'll excuse me, now I have to go work on adult passport design. See you at the Vegetarian Food Fair.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Square Foot Show

Square Foot Show pieces are done!
Top one is "Suicidal Penguin", although I think during my delirium, I wrote "Sad Penguin" to submit. Actually... I thought if I say 'suicidal', the painting won't sell. There is a funny yet not so funny story behind this penguin painting. I stood up all night once last week. It was first time in like, ten years. Even at school, I at least got one or two hours of sleep. And I couldn't even sleep the following day to meet deadlines. So I was so tired to the point of hallucinating. I was seeing evil clowns, purple clouds... It was creepy. Then I had a brilliant idea for a painting. Hey, why don't I do a bunny suicide painting!? Then my superb brain went further. Why don't I make a whole book of bunny suicides!?! Brilliant!!! I was so proud of myself and did some sketches. That night I slept deeply and well. The next day... what the??!? What was I thinking in my sleepless delirium? Of course there is a book of bunny suicide and I happen to love that book. And of course, the real book is million times better than crazy scribbles I did the night before. Wow, that's a long story... so anyhow, I changed the bunny to penguin and made use of one of my sketches.

The second one is, well, "Everybody Dance". Er... the roundish thingy on right of big bear on the foreground (God all mighty! That is a bear) is a baby seal. You know, they roll in snow with their round bodies? Yup, that's them cute baby seals.

What a crazy summer I am having. It's work after work. Today was one of few days that I got to get outside. Well, I had to, in order to submit Square Foot pieces. It was a strange sensation, finally being out of my apartment and walking. I met my friend Britt on the way home, we walked along Queen street, talking. An hour walk felt like a second. That was nice, even though I was in awkward anti-social mood. I really should get out more and socialize with my friends...

BUT... one more huge project to do. This new project is so huge, I won't be able to rest until August 16th. Vishnu bless my soul.

Anyways, Britt and I are both in Square Foot show. So do other 700 artists. Oh and my brother also. Come and check them out.

Location: 100A Ossington Ave. 2nd floor
Exhibition dates: August 16th 12pm -September 7th, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello Again!

Finally.... After disappearing for four months, here I am.

I've been so busy. I've been more busy than when I was in school. I draw draw and paint paint morning till night, everyday. And slowly going mad. I am a bag lady, yes I am!
Before things got so busy with art, I was in Vancouver for a job training (which went to hell), and moved to Toronto. To my defense, during this time I didn't have internet to update my blog. Well, I didn't have internet till last week.

I've finished two major projects. There are still two more to go, but I am taking today off. And what's better way to spend the day off than updating my sad blog?
I swore to myself to update it every Thursday from now on. I swear.

The first set of photos shown on the top is from our GradShow. To my surprised, I won Best in Show. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought of winning Best in Show, ever. I still get dead scared thinking about that moment, getting sweaty palms. I so didn't deserve it among my super talented classmates.

These are images from Toronto Outdoor Arts Exhibition. My good friend Pat took the second photo. The empty spots are the paintings/drawings that are sold. I sold quite a bit, more than I expected. Finally, I could afford a phone line and internet. I will feature more of new stuff from TOAE in later blog post. I will be in Herbivore magazine's art issue, and I'll post new art when the magazine comes out.

And... I just completed a new short graphic novel! It's part of Chaos 2 comic anthology. It will be coming out soon. Wait for my sample pages when the book gets published. I pretty much almost killed myself for this project. Mine's black and white. I am afraid mine will be the only black/white piece there. I tried to focus more on the story rather than being decorative. I hope it's well received. Here is the site to Chaos 1. I will post etsy site for Chaos 1 sales soon. Chaos 2 is still in the editing phase.

Well, that's it. I have some exciting projects coming up. I have to work on them... eh... right now. Okay, I am going into another zombie illustrator phase, starting tomorrow. Today, I rest and watch Carnival of Souls.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lone Forest Walker's Daily Planner

I missed last week's post. I'd like to blame piling amount of homework, but the truth was... I was busy watching non-stop Korean soap operas. The grad show pressure is so high, and I should be doing homework. But then I thought, 'hey, why not some soap operas!?!' Choice was 'Redbean Bun'. One of my favourite actress was in it. I mainly like her because of her clothing line. Also the rumor that she's quirky. Me like quirky people, yesh, who doesn't?
I seriously have never seen Korean soap operas until 2006. I wasn't allowed to when I was little. There are many cultural differences that I do not understand when it comes to relationships in Korea. (after reading this blog, I somewhat understand.) Anyways, too much tv fried my brain and I cannot carry on a normal conversation with people. I live on my own pathetic island of eating and sitting around.

...ok, nonsense ranting aside, I've been working on a daily planner. BIG FOOT! I love those guys, they make me so happy. I think of all these dubious publications about big foots, devils' foot prints, ESP, spontaneous combustion, etc. I used to read as a kid. I cannot wait to finish this and use it as my planner. Keep that childish dreams intact! The daily planner will be available for purchase once I finish all the in between illustrations.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Farewell to Arthur C. Clarke

One of my favourite author in the world, Arthur C. Clarke has passed away at age 90. His masterpiece like 'The Nine Billion Names of God' used to make my heart swell as a young girl. And his novel 'Childhood's End' is still one of my favourites. It had such a hope for humanity, where it's evolving, despite of all the hell. He wanted to see an actual evidence of extra terrestrial life and people's wider use of green energy for his 90's birthday. Neither happened. Hopefully, I get to see those soon.

This sketch was done while listening to Nightwish's 'End of All Hope'. I thought it was still in progress, but after few days, I kind of like it as it is.

This is my grocery list. Nothing but junk food, stuff I don't need, but I bought them nonetheless.My friend Ian and I hung out on Friday. He told me about crazy adventures he's been up to. He told me about Montreal's Three Monkeys store. I am hoping to visit one day. He's also going to learn French through jexplore program. Then travel France. I thought it was a wonderful idea. I looked it up, and it's too late to apply. *sigh* I miss traveling. I won't be going anywhere until I pay off my million dollar OSAP.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

This is an illustration for the recent Ryerson Review of Journalism article. The article was about some truth-seeking journalists moving away from the main stream media, and submerging into Conspiracy Theory culture.

I must say, when I first went this rough, (one of three roughs. The other two were 'serious' ones), I was sure it wasn't going to be chosen. I almost said, 'I know this one won't fly, but just having fun'. What do you know, the good people of RRJ chose this one! I was so happy. Isn't it every illustrator's dream? Drawing aliens, space craft and chemtrail?!? I was extremely depressed about missing Bepo+Mimi show my teachers were involved in (due to the crazy amount of snow), but working on this piece surely brighten up my evening.

Just for a fun loving Conspiracy Theory people, there is a store - called Conspiracy Culture - on Queen Street, Toronto devoted to such subject. I never knew it existed before. I'm looking forward to visit that place as soon as I move to Toronto this summer.

This is just in! Ryerson Review of Journalism website uploaded the article with my illustration on it just now. If you click the image below, you can view the complete article.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Late Night with Noam Chomsky

Today, I worked listening to an interview with Noam Chomsky. I was always aware of his work, and heard things about him, but I've never read anything by him. Very embarrassing fact, I know. I knew he is smart and everything, but boy, he's SO smart and righteous. Something shook inside me listening to him. What a great, inspiring person! I'm glad that we are living in a world where great thinkers like him exist.
"Professor Chomsky, so how should we live our lives?"
"We should live free"

With a completely different note, my illustration has nothing to do with the interview with Noam Chomsky, other than the fact that I was listening to him while working on it.
This is an illustration of my 'process'. I procrastinate a lot. I make cute things, draw things that have nothing to do with homework, etc. (I don't have a heart to confess my secret dark guilty pleasure.... er.. watching Korean expose shows. There. I said it.)
Here I am, playing chess with a giant - but cute - owl monster. It's also my subconscious. I usually play alone, as I am a total loser without much friends. And to add to the madness, I play alone very well. While procrastinating, my subconscious tells me I should be working. Me, being myself, leave it to the very last minute. 'It's okay, I still have three hours to deadline!'

YES! I bought a Moleskine. Holy moly, it was expensive. Holy moly. However, I was sold even before stepping into the art supply store. I've never paid much attention to these sketchbooks before. Then I noticed some of my favourite illustrators using them. By then, I was 30% sold. The tipping point came last week. There were rumors, yes, there were. 'Joe Morse has one', 'yes, I saw him carrying one' 'psst psst'.
Joe Morse is my awesome teacher, also a great artist. I was talking to him about my art toys, then *drum roll* he pulled out a moleskine! The rumors were true! He took notes, considering to use my toys as trial for a 3D prototyping machine. (I'd love to see my toys being prototyped with that machine) But more importantly... THE RUMORS WERE TRUE!

So I went all the way to Toronto to get myself a moleskine. What a big loser I am. 'My teacher has one, so I'm getting one', 'I suck, but I'll get better with better materials'
I like the feel of the paper, but it takes watercolour very strangely. It makes interesting dotted things as the water doesn't seep into the paper very well. Good enough for me nonetheless.

I did this sketch to get over the fear of blank white page.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Yo, Banana Boy

This is an illustration of a palindrome, 'Yo, Banana Boy'.
My teacher hated it, and didn't received well by friends. However, I love it. I mean, look at that bunena. How can you hate the bunena like that! I am very bias - not only this is my work, but I am a crazy bunena affectionado. I think I eat 2~3 a day.
Yes, I know I spelled the bunena wrong. But I like saying bunena. Long time ago, my friend, who is a Korean South American, taught me that 'bunena' is Spanish for 'banana'. So I've been showing off my Spanish skills whenever fits, ever since. Few years ago, I dated this guy who spoke fluent Spanish. Needless to say, I showed off my awesome bunena Spanish. Only then I found out that my friend pulled a prank on me. Spanish for 'banana' isn't 'bunena' at all. What the f**k. I sincerely apologize for everyone who's mind has been polluted by my bunena
shouting, all these years. I still like saying bunena, however. I cannot apologize for that!

This sketchbook drawing is named 'Jackie Chan Family'. Four of my school chumps went to Cuba few weeks ago. They were all Asian girls. Apparently, the hotel employees called them 'Jackie Chan Family'. I drew this as one of them was telling me stories of Cuban resort.

Jackie Chan? Interesting.
At my parents' store, every once in a while, little kids (sometimes grown ups) excitedly come to my dad. They are all shy and bring out a small piece of paper for my dad to give them autographs. What on earth!?! My dad doesn't look anything like Jackie Chan. What do I get? I often get Lucy Liu. Oh, I got Yoko Ono few times. No, I don't look anything like either of them. It's one of those 'All the Asians look the same' thing. But I do wish I look like Lucy Liu. Thank you.

This drawing and angry writing was done few days ago when we had guests. Some local Korean couple I've never met before. My parents met them at YMCA. *sigh* Most old Korean men are strangely uniformly rude and creepy. This man wasn't an exception. I've been getting these sort of thing since I was seven, due to my premature growth, but I still get angry. Whenever old (er... married and age 40-60) Korean men are invited to a certain house, they quickly notice the grown up daughter of their host. Korean word for unmarried girl is a 'virgin'. They are very excited to see a 'virgin' and can't seem to hide it. Here is how to act like them in stages:

1. Come into the house, when the host's daughter comes downstairs to greet, look at her creepily top to bottom. Don't forget the greasy-looking eyes.
2. Say, "You've grown a lot", even if you've never met her before.
3. As soon as sit down, ask when the virgin (host's daughter) is going to get married.
4. Comment on her losing virginity by saying, 'shy cats cross the line first' - a Korean saying, meaning that even if the girl acts all coy, she is a whore.
5. Ask the girl to sit RIGHT BESIDE you. And caress the chair beside you as if you are touching her bum.
6. Tell her to eat things on the table. If she says no thank you, comment on her dietary choices.

Yes, most old Korean men act exactly like the script. This guy, when my dad told him I'm not interested in 'weddings' and 'marriages', he said, "that's what they all say. But they are the first to get married". Um, by Korean standard, I am way past expiration date. Obviously I am not the 'first to get married'. Also... um, dude, do I know you? We just met. Can we discuss my 'virginity' later?

He had fits when my parents told him I'm a vegan. "What's there to eat!? Nothing to eat!"
Again, none of his business...
I have remind my parents not to invite any random people they met at YMCA just because they are Koreans. I know they miss speaking Korean and stuff, but for Christ sake.

Oh, that's a long entry about something that doesn't deserve that much attention.
However, since I'm on the roll here, another image!

This is a dress that I made two days ago. My friend Vicki had this really cute dress on one day. I asked her if she minds me getting the same one. I bought the dress and made the same one with this cherry fabric. But it doesn't look as good as I hoped. It looks rather like a sleeping gown. I know what I did wrong, so for the next time, I'll do better. Look it's finished with cherry buttons to go with the cherry print!