Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

This is an illustration for the recent Ryerson Review of Journalism article. The article was about some truth-seeking journalists moving away from the main stream media, and submerging into Conspiracy Theory culture.

I must say, when I first went this rough, (one of three roughs. The other two were 'serious' ones), I was sure it wasn't going to be chosen. I almost said, 'I know this one won't fly, but just having fun'. What do you know, the good people of RRJ chose this one! I was so happy. Isn't it every illustrator's dream? Drawing aliens, space craft and chemtrail?!? I was extremely depressed about missing Bepo+Mimi show my teachers were involved in (due to the crazy amount of snow), but working on this piece surely brighten up my evening.

Just for a fun loving Conspiracy Theory people, there is a store - called Conspiracy Culture - on Queen Street, Toronto devoted to such subject. I never knew it existed before. I'm looking forward to visit that place as soon as I move to Toronto this summer.

This is just in! Ryerson Review of Journalism website uploaded the article with my illustration on it just now. If you click the image below, you can view the complete article.


Peter Chan said...

wow! more work for ryerson! very nice work. you are crazy..

rikit said...

wow i love aliens
its great to see they picked the unconventional one