Friday, February 29, 2008

Late Night with Noam Chomsky

Today, I worked listening to an interview with Noam Chomsky. I was always aware of his work, and heard things about him, but I've never read anything by him. Very embarrassing fact, I know. I knew he is smart and everything, but boy, he's SO smart and righteous. Something shook inside me listening to him. What a great, inspiring person! I'm glad that we are living in a world where great thinkers like him exist.
"Professor Chomsky, so how should we live our lives?"
"We should live free"

With a completely different note, my illustration has nothing to do with the interview with Noam Chomsky, other than the fact that I was listening to him while working on it.
This is an illustration of my 'process'. I procrastinate a lot. I make cute things, draw things that have nothing to do with homework, etc. (I don't have a heart to confess my secret dark guilty pleasure.... er.. watching Korean expose shows. There. I said it.)
Here I am, playing chess with a giant - but cute - owl monster. It's also my subconscious. I usually play alone, as I am a total loser without much friends. And to add to the madness, I play alone very well. While procrastinating, my subconscious tells me I should be working. Me, being myself, leave it to the very last minute. 'It's okay, I still have three hours to deadline!'

YES! I bought a Moleskine. Holy moly, it was expensive. Holy moly. However, I was sold even before stepping into the art supply store. I've never paid much attention to these sketchbooks before. Then I noticed some of my favourite illustrators using them. By then, I was 30% sold. The tipping point came last week. There were rumors, yes, there were. 'Joe Morse has one', 'yes, I saw him carrying one' 'psst psst'.
Joe Morse is my awesome teacher, also a great artist. I was talking to him about my art toys, then *drum roll* he pulled out a moleskine! The rumors were true! He took notes, considering to use my toys as trial for a 3D prototyping machine. (I'd love to see my toys being prototyped with that machine) But more importantly... THE RUMORS WERE TRUE!

So I went all the way to Toronto to get myself a moleskine. What a big loser I am. 'My teacher has one, so I'm getting one', 'I suck, but I'll get better with better materials'
I like the feel of the paper, but it takes watercolour very strangely. It makes interesting dotted things as the water doesn't seep into the paper very well. Good enough for me nonetheless.

I did this sketch to get over the fear of blank white page.


michael byers said...

I love the procrastination work. That's where most of my favorite images I've created come from too. I did a lot of that in school as well. I'm lucky that I work at an art store now. I get a sweet discount on everything in the store including Moleskins. I'm not trying to rub it in but rather acknowledge how much I am grateful for that fact.

Thanks for the wonderful comments you leave. You're a very gracious observer of my work. The swimmer thing. I just thought of how I could interpret instant freezing and if you were swimming and someone instantly froze the water that's what might happen. Ha Ha.

Hope all is well. Are you going to the Bepo + Mimi show next week. If so I'll see you there. I'm gonna head down to see it.


Britt said...

bah hah. You silly girl! You can buy moleskines much closer than toronto! In fact, I think the last time I went in Chapters had the sketchbook one. They have a specific one for watercolour, because the regular one has coated pages that make the water bead. The watercolour ones are more expensive, and have less paper.

Actually, I think the one I'm using now will be the last, it's beautiful, but too expensive, I need a book that's a little less precious. DeSerres has one that is similar in style, but with more pages, and is a bit cheaper. Sure the paper isn't as lovely, but whatever.

on another note, yes, you posed for nothing at all!

Hyein Lee said...

*Thank you Michael. I'm glad you like it. :)
Employee discounts?! Isn't that the greatest!
A thought passed my mind... to go to States and work at Trader Joe's grocery store. Just to be close to their food and discounts. Heh.

Your art works are awesome, praising is much needed!
I'm doing a free thing for RRJ and I wish I were as witty.

I'll probably be at Bepo Mimi. See you there!

*Chocolate chip cookie Britt!
What, they sell those at Chapters!?! You've got to be kidding me.
Yeah, it'll probably be my first and last Moleskine (although I might also try watercolour one once). I need something I'm not afraid of ruining. Thank you for dropping by!
And here is to many empty poses!

Peter Chan said...

coool. i really like your process piece hyein. Great painting!

Wow..moleskin..i want one of those too..maybe i'll get one after i finish my sketchbook haha.

Chau said...

:O omg, lol i didn't know Joe morse had one too! Moleskins are great!

cutee piece!!! "Shouldn't you be doing hmwk?" tehehe i think i need a cute giant owl reminding me to do hmwk too. procrastination, ftw!