Monday, February 25, 2008

Yo, Banana Boy

This is an illustration of a palindrome, 'Yo, Banana Boy'.
My teacher hated it, and didn't received well by friends. However, I love it. I mean, look at that bunena. How can you hate the bunena like that! I am very bias - not only this is my work, but I am a crazy bunena affectionado. I think I eat 2~3 a day.
Yes, I know I spelled the bunena wrong. But I like saying bunena. Long time ago, my friend, who is a Korean South American, taught me that 'bunena' is Spanish for 'banana'. So I've been showing off my Spanish skills whenever fits, ever since. Few years ago, I dated this guy who spoke fluent Spanish. Needless to say, I showed off my awesome bunena Spanish. Only then I found out that my friend pulled a prank on me. Spanish for 'banana' isn't 'bunena' at all. What the f**k. I sincerely apologize for everyone who's mind has been polluted by my bunena
shouting, all these years. I still like saying bunena, however. I cannot apologize for that!

This sketchbook drawing is named 'Jackie Chan Family'. Four of my school chumps went to Cuba few weeks ago. They were all Asian girls. Apparently, the hotel employees called them 'Jackie Chan Family'. I drew this as one of them was telling me stories of Cuban resort.

Jackie Chan? Interesting.
At my parents' store, every once in a while, little kids (sometimes grown ups) excitedly come to my dad. They are all shy and bring out a small piece of paper for my dad to give them autographs. What on earth!?! My dad doesn't look anything like Jackie Chan. What do I get? I often get Lucy Liu. Oh, I got Yoko Ono few times. No, I don't look anything like either of them. It's one of those 'All the Asians look the same' thing. But I do wish I look like Lucy Liu. Thank you.

This drawing and angry writing was done few days ago when we had guests. Some local Korean couple I've never met before. My parents met them at YMCA. *sigh* Most old Korean men are strangely uniformly rude and creepy. This man wasn't an exception. I've been getting these sort of thing since I was seven, due to my premature growth, but I still get angry. Whenever old (er... married and age 40-60) Korean men are invited to a certain house, they quickly notice the grown up daughter of their host. Korean word for unmarried girl is a 'virgin'. They are very excited to see a 'virgin' and can't seem to hide it. Here is how to act like them in stages:

1. Come into the house, when the host's daughter comes downstairs to greet, look at her creepily top to bottom. Don't forget the greasy-looking eyes.
2. Say, "You've grown a lot", even if you've never met her before.
3. As soon as sit down, ask when the virgin (host's daughter) is going to get married.
4. Comment on her losing virginity by saying, 'shy cats cross the line first' - a Korean saying, meaning that even if the girl acts all coy, she is a whore.
5. Ask the girl to sit RIGHT BESIDE you. And caress the chair beside you as if you are touching her bum.
6. Tell her to eat things on the table. If she says no thank you, comment on her dietary choices.

Yes, most old Korean men act exactly like the script. This guy, when my dad told him I'm not interested in 'weddings' and 'marriages', he said, "that's what they all say. But they are the first to get married". Um, by Korean standard, I am way past expiration date. Obviously I am not the 'first to get married'. Also... um, dude, do I know you? We just met. Can we discuss my 'virginity' later?

He had fits when my parents told him I'm a vegan. "What's there to eat!? Nothing to eat!"
Again, none of his business...
I have remind my parents not to invite any random people they met at YMCA just because they are Koreans. I know they miss speaking Korean and stuff, but for Christ sake.

Oh, that's a long entry about something that doesn't deserve that much attention.
However, since I'm on the roll here, another image!

This is a dress that I made two days ago. My friend Vicki had this really cute dress on one day. I asked her if she minds me getting the same one. I bought the dress and made the same one with this cherry fabric. But it doesn't look as good as I hoped. It looks rather like a sleeping gown. I know what I did wrong, so for the next time, I'll do better. Look it's finished with cherry buttons to go with the cherry print!


vicki nerino said...

HOLY CRAP... i love it so so so so so so sooooooo much... almost as much as i love you.
i cant believe you MADE ONE!! we should wear our dresses on the same day.

ps- ........ LOVE

Hyein Lee said...

Thank you thank you Vicki!
Let's wear it together!
Tuesday, tuesday, let's wear!!

Adrian Faria said...

Hyein!!!! I added you... I finally found out how to link people... And that old Korean man story is scary, I can picture him looking you up and down though "mmm virgin".

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) check out this emo boy one on this blog: