Monday, February 11, 2008


Top View

Side ViewEven finished with Nutritional Info!
I am joking about MSG. This noodle is actually MSG free. Isn't that crazy?

Noodle cup illustration is here! As I promised. I thought I couldn't make it as it's not 100% done. My teacher, Harvey Chan told me that the blue is not the best idea for the sting ray. YESH, believe or not, that blue thing on the far right is a string ray, people. It's sad, really. I have to finish that to a shrimp. It's easier said than done as I have to do block prints of the shrimp... which means carving, inking, photoshoping... this noodle project never ends!
But I am quite happy with the rest. I've never tried this crazy colour scheme before. Orange! That's just nuts!!!
It slightly looks like those pictures on Greek vases...

I hope you all enjoy.


Peter Chan said...

Wow hyein this is awesome illustrated and packaged noodle bowl!! LOL
i would love to eat noodles out of bowls like this...

is this how u are packaging ur toys? wow so cool and isaw the cake you made today..didn't get to look at it closely but i saw the one u gave harvey. i gotta buy one of ur toys off you before we graduate!! so talenteddd

Britt said...

I HEART THIS HYEIN. You make me want to be less lazy and actually make things with my hands again. Which I haven't done in so long it hurts.

Jelmer said...

I realy like it,
Great design, nice collors!