Saturday, February 16, 2008

Universe Favours Chaos

This is for a comic book project themed 'Chaos'. I used the line 'Universe Favours Chaos' in my comic. I love saying that, and it was going to be the name of my toy company. But everyone told me it's mouthful. 'Universe Favours Chaos' is a simple, loose description of entropy. Thermodynamics always has been one of my favourite subject. What kind of super geeky loser nerd says that... yes, I am that nerd (and I did have trouble getting dates). But that doesn't mean I did well on that course. My professor was awesome, however. He told us that if the professor knows you, he/she doesn't have a heart to fail you. And the best seat to capture his/her eyes is the second row of right (students' right) side. I never got to seat there for the reasons I cannot recall. But professor Folks knew me because I'd yawn in his class without covering my mouth. Lucky for me, he thought it was funny. So I barely passed (I know that I did terribly on all my tests and exams). But I really loved that class, I swear.

Aaaaaanyways... so Murphy's law is sort of jokingly linked to thermodynamics. You know, heat escaping? Energy turning into waste energy? Universe expanding? Things going wrong instead of right?? My comic came about inspired by that.
Here is one page of it! Once it's published, I'll announce it on the blog.

Good night to all.

Oh, almost forgot to mention...
The artists who'll be in this book are: Shawn, Jill, Vicki, Jho, Heather, Peter, Elise, Britt, Roben, Tyrell, Alejandra, .... if I forgot anyone else, please do remind me.


Peter Chan said...

very nice work hyein, as usual. Can't wait to see all the pages u contributed to the book!!

Hyein Lee said...

You and Elise's stuff are amazing as always. Beautiful. How am I going to compete with that?!