Monday, February 18, 2008

Another wasted weekend

Look what I did instead of doing homework this weekend!
Good lord. This is a bear purse. I have a cute bunny purse that I made, but it's too small to fit all my things. So I made him. Made with felted recycled wool sweaters and fully lined with my old skirt. I also made bunch of cake pins to sell at sales table this Friday. AND a babydoll dress for myself! All attempt to avoid work. I should eh... do homework.
Why is it so hard for me to sit down and do work? Somebody please help me.

That bear purses, I am going to make more next week and sell them at my etsy store with a grand opening.

I am a bad writer and dislike writing things, but this is one of few poems I wrote.
I am quite proud of myself. I wonder if it could be turned into a song. What a masterpiece. It has everything. My longing, and desire and even ambition! (which anyone can identify with, I guess) So here is the poem until I post an actual art next week. If grammar is wrong, please do ignore. Me no Engrish, and it's suppose to be a poem!

Ode to Vegan Donut

I like to eat vegan donut
Blueberry flavoured and carob flaked!
Chocolate swirl on a pumpkin flavour
Have one with hot coconut green tea


Peter Chan said...

oh, so what is homework??

haha j/k j/k, its ok u're not alone. i didn't get much done thsi weekend either. :P

that purse looks cute haha. at least u got that u're still kinda productive!

and nice poem, i dig.

michael byers said...

Who cares about homework when you're creating super cool things like that. I love it. If and/or when I ever have a child I'll commission you to make me some stuffed toys. Love it.

Hyein Lee said...

Thank you for nice comment, Peter. Eh... productive, but I'm doing craft. (equals less pay) But wearing the bear purse is rewarding. :)

Thank you Michael!
Heh, if it's your future child, I'll make one very special. When that day comes.