Monday, September 29, 2008

Clothing Show

Oh what an eventful weekend it was!
I missed the Thursday post and I see myself missing Thursday posting from now one due to my work. I am going to post on every weekend instead.

My pieces were displayed at the Clothing Show until yesterday among other talented local artists like Ms Ding. It was very generous of Clothing Show people to let us show our work at the very front of the Clothing Show.

I was being very very smart not to bring my promos nor put my name on the price cards. I'm continuously amazed by my brilliant brain! I always bring my promo cards everywhere I go, except when it's absolutely crucial. I was going to go back on Saturday morning to put my promo on my display wall, but then, Murphy's Law striked. I was too sick to move on Saturday....
Alas, nobody knew who did these paintings...
For anyone who was wondering at all.... it was I. It was I....

On this gloomy Monday afternoon, I sit and regret my stupidity!

The very last piece on the right is Ms Ding's portrayal of Imogen Heap.


Sooyoung said...

unni! you remember me! :)
my cyworld is
i couldn't find you in cyworld... add me as a friend! my email

i love your illustrations. any plan of holding an exhibition of any kind?

Hyein Lee said...

Har... all the exhibitions are over now... but hopefully I'll arrange something soon. I need to make more art. :)
I'll let you know when something comes up!
Thanks for kind words.


Peter Hong Chan said...

awesome hyein!!
love the work and congrats on the show.