Monday, September 15, 2008

Got *soy* Milk?

Finally, I got a part-time job. I must say, it's a relief to escape from the land of the unemployed zombies. I can finally pay for useless stuff (such as a cupcake shaped bracelets that I recently purchased on etsy... a blog post coming up as soon as the bracelet arrives)!
I'll be TA-ing at OCAD starting tomorrow, helping illustration students with computers! I'm very excited, yesh I am. More exciting than that strawberry banana soymilk. Oh man, that strawberry banana soymilk is a dope. I cannot find it anywhere anymore, however.

This is a random sketch I did one night. Threadless (a T-shirt site) is having a competition with a theme of 'draw'. Basically, turning a sketch into a T-shirt design. So yes, here it is. I really like this guy. Possibly on a yellow t-shirt!

My friends, please please vote for me! (If I get enough votes, they'll print my designs on t-shirts) :D
Click below banner to vote!

Got *soy* Milk? - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Chau said...

:O OMG YOU UPDATED SO MUCH! I love reading your blog and seeing what you've been up to all this time! It's like finding all the yummy raisin bits in a muffin~ I miss you seeing you in the hallways :( btw....CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING!!!!! :D *__* Sounds like you're having quite an adventure after graduation! All these jobs, you're so lucky! D: And here I am freaking out about co-op lol. OCAD! wowowow! *__* I'm crossing my fingers and hope you will write more about your time there! ^^

The yellow bg looks great! I love the picture ^^ It's so cute! I totally would wear that lol. yummmm soy milk! Best of luck to you, Hyein!!!!! <3

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks Chau for dropping by!
I wonder what you are upto!

Thanks for nice words... :D

Are you third year now? Coop, nothing to freak out about! You are very talented lady! You'll get a great coop position!

Hieng Tang said...

I was looking for ur threadless entry but I founf it tooo lateto vote, and notice how much you updated!! :D

SaKaN said...

Unni! This is Sooyoung if you can remember me from back in May at the scholarship night! I spotted a naver blog with some illustrations and I remembered you :) Wow, now I see all your illustrations, they are so cool!! Lovely, really lovely. I'm just here to say hi! You have a cyworld address? I will visit this website to see your illustrations from now on. This is a beautiful website :D

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks Hieng! I hope you sold a lot in New York!

Hello Sooyoung. Thanks for visiting my websites!
I do have cyworld, you can search Hyein Lee in English. Haven't been updated in a while though.
Email me! (I can't find your info..)