Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vegetarian Food Fair!

This weekend was the Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront Centre. Oh yes, it was! I ate ate ate ate like a pig that I am. The photo is me eating a vegan hotdog bun from King's Cafe booth. 

Vegetarian Food Fair is like a Disney Land for my brother and I. We go there every year to buy goodies and eat finger foods. Why, if I have a fortune of living close to the North America's largest vegetarian fair, then I sure will thoroughly exploit it to the very end! And exploited I did. I went there twice this weekend, once on Saturday and then Sunday. I couldn't try all the foods I wanted to on the first day (I got too full), so I had to go back. It was rainy today, so there were less people. The vegan cupcakes that I eyed yesterday were still there. Green tea, chocolate and vanilla flavours! Those tasty morsels drove me nuts. I wanted a whole box. 

But hey, is this a Hyein Food Blog!? No!
The most important reason for the post is... my illustrations at Vegetarian Food Fair! Yes! My children's passports on one table and my posters in some parts. Sadly, the children's passports were... well... not everywhere as I hoped. And I don't think there were stickers or anything for answering trivia questions. I was heartbroken. But at least they were there. For a moment, I thought they didn't print them, as I couldn't find them anywhere. I was sad that I didn't see any kid with the passport. Oh why oh why...

Note: I am using Google's new Chrome right now, and it doesn't have automatic spell checker. And there are some annoying errors that make me mad. I cannot even tell whether it's faster with ever-slow gmails either. Just a rant.