Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shameless Magazine

This is an illustration I did for Shameless Magazine. It's an alternative magazine for teen girls. I was quite happy to work with them as it sends such positive messages to teen girls in North America. Everywhere they turn, they hear/learn that appearance is everything as a girl. Shameless Magazine is one magazine out there, which helps girls to think critically. And maybe help raise the next generation of women who make their name with their intelligence, creativity and inner beauty.

This article about how Hollywood focuses on young male voices while ignoring girls and older writers. It starts off with Iron Man example. I loved that movie and it is one of my favourite movies (Robert Downey Jr.!). However, IT IS sexist. I shouldn't expect too much from a summer action block buster movie, but at least one smart/strong female character (without making her into an expendable one-night-stand)
would've made a difference.

Anyways, Shameless, a Canadian magazine with some awesome articles. I wish I had it growing up.


michael byers said...

I loved Iron Man too. Really great movie. Thanks for the comments on my blog. It's really nice to know that a) people read it and b) they like what I right. What did you mean about Joe Morse and good content? Did he say that about my blog? If so that's weird. I never thought he'd be interested in what I have to say. Oh well. Hope you had a great summer. We'll talk soon I'm sure.


Britt said...

I agree with you about iron man, although I have to say I too enjoyed it thoroughly and Robert Downey Jr made me cream my pants a few times over.