Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Are Dune Hyein

Oh~ Internet Memes... How I love thee!
I've always been fascinated by them. The idea that strangers all over the world (okay, maybe mostly among the blocks of same language culture) share the same joke, and the perpetuity. It's moving to think that we are somehow connected, just like that science news about everyone's ancestry in the world traces back to this one woman. We are not so different from one another after all.

And there's that name, "Internet Memes". Meme is a cool word to begin with. And it's not only because Richard Dawkins first coined the term in his book, "The Selfish Gene" (which I gave up reading in English... a massive failure. I have hard time concentrating on English books if they are not sci-fi. However, I recently acquired a Korean translated volume), but it sounds so smart and nice. Also its meaning - cultural/psychological gene that has its own interest of survival - is way too cool. Lastly, how it sounds! 'Meme' sounds nostalgic... cute and sad. Like that girl Momo from the novel, The Grey Gentlemen.

I particularly loved the Dune Cat internet meme because of its fuse with a popular sci-fi book, and the Lolcat (funny cat photos with wrong grammar). So awesome.
I didn't really like the book, Dune, but the movie was surely a weird thing to watch. I liked looking at the worms and the thumpers. The thumpers (make thumping sound to attract the worms) made me happy. Eyes being baby blue and iris being darker blue - they are more from the movie than the book. So there's another layer of popular culture in this Internet Meme joke.
Just another boring note to the side... I used to love playing the Dune II game when I was little. It was a strategy game. Not knowing any English back then, it was quite hard for me to play. Game play: You mine the spice just before the worm surfaces from the desert and eats your equipment. And invade/build stuff. I loved it when I turned on the game, an intelligent, sharp and robotic female voice saying, "Dune, the land (or "world"? Can't remember) of Dynasty" I used to impersonate that voice all the time until my brother gets irritated. So... I have quite a soft spot for Dune.

Bringing the very long story to the end.... I made homage to Dune Cat internet meme. Click to the photo and you can see that my eyes are blue from being addicted to the spice. Now my embarrassing past-time is for the world to see. But vanity post like this is hard to resist.

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Chau said...

LOL I love this pictre of you! When I first saw it, I thought of a caterpillar! All pretty and cozy and wrapped it... IN THE ARTIC! :O Blue eyes <3 You look very kissable and cheek-pinchable, hehe, I bet Eric loved this pic!

"Meme" IS an awesome word. Meeemmmm-mee. sounds a bit frenchy when you say it longer. mmmmmeeemmmeee-me! hehe.