Thursday, August 7, 2008

Square Foot Show

Square Foot Show pieces are done!
Top one is "Suicidal Penguin", although I think during my delirium, I wrote "Sad Penguin" to submit. Actually... I thought if I say 'suicidal', the painting won't sell. There is a funny yet not so funny story behind this penguin painting. I stood up all night once last week. It was first time in like, ten years. Even at school, I at least got one or two hours of sleep. And I couldn't even sleep the following day to meet deadlines. So I was so tired to the point of hallucinating. I was seeing evil clowns, purple clouds... It was creepy. Then I had a brilliant idea for a painting. Hey, why don't I do a bunny suicide painting!? Then my superb brain went further. Why don't I make a whole book of bunny suicides!?! Brilliant!!! I was so proud of myself and did some sketches. That night I slept deeply and well. The next day... what the??!? What was I thinking in my sleepless delirium? Of course there is a book of bunny suicide and I happen to love that book. And of course, the real book is million times better than crazy scribbles I did the night before. Wow, that's a long story... so anyhow, I changed the bunny to penguin and made use of one of my sketches.

The second one is, well, "Everybody Dance". Er... the roundish thingy on right of big bear on the foreground (God all mighty! That is a bear) is a baby seal. You know, they roll in snow with their round bodies? Yup, that's them cute baby seals.

What a crazy summer I am having. It's work after work. Today was one of few days that I got to get outside. Well, I had to, in order to submit Square Foot pieces. It was a strange sensation, finally being out of my apartment and walking. I met my friend Britt on the way home, we walked along Queen street, talking. An hour walk felt like a second. That was nice, even though I was in awkward anti-social mood. I really should get out more and socialize with my friends...

BUT... one more huge project to do. This new project is so huge, I won't be able to rest until August 16th. Vishnu bless my soul.

Anyways, Britt and I are both in Square Foot show. So do other 700 artists. Oh and my brother also. Come and check them out.

Location: 100A Ossington Ave. 2nd floor
Exhibition dates: August 16th 12pm -September 7th, 2008


Britt said...

Man, we should go out for long walks in the evenings more often. I should get a schedule from Chapters later this week I hope, so once I know when I'm working we'll have to get together for tea and walkies.

Plus Vicki will be home tomorrow or the day after, and then we can ALL hang out!

Peter Hong Chan said...

see you at the show!

vicki said...

EEE! i cant wait to see you in all your anti-socialness.

and i love these square foot pieces. you are my hero for making suicide so cute.

Britt said...

Saw your shit last night buddy! It was very sad you weren't there, I missed you! They look so lovely up on the wall amidst all the others!

Mine is sold already, I was very very excited about that.

vicki said...

yay! i saw them in PERSON!!

anything sold when you peeked in??
i haven't been so lucky yet...

Hyein Lee said...

Oh man..
I just saw these comments now!
Vicki, I saw yours too!
And congrats Britt on sakes!!! :D
Mine haven't sold. But I do have my hopes up. Heh heh.
If not, oh well.
Come to my place??