Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lone Forest Walker's Daily Planner

I missed last week's post. I'd like to blame piling amount of homework, but the truth was... I was busy watching non-stop Korean soap operas. The grad show pressure is so high, and I should be doing homework. But then I thought, 'hey, why not some soap operas!?!' Choice was 'Redbean Bun'. One of my favourite actress was in it. I mainly like her because of her clothing line. Also the rumor that she's quirky. Me like quirky people, yesh, who doesn't?
I seriously have never seen Korean soap operas until 2006. I wasn't allowed to when I was little. There are many cultural differences that I do not understand when it comes to relationships in Korea. (after reading this blog, I somewhat understand.) Anyways, too much tv fried my brain and I cannot carry on a normal conversation with people. I live on my own pathetic island of eating and sitting around.

...ok, nonsense ranting aside, I've been working on a daily planner. BIG FOOT! I love those guys, they make me so happy. I think of all these dubious publications about big foots, devils' foot prints, ESP, spontaneous combustion, etc. I used to read as a kid. I cannot wait to finish this and use it as my planner. Keep that childish dreams intact! The daily planner will be available for purchase once I finish all the in between illustrations.


Peter Chan said...

hi hyein, really nice piece, i loved seeing ur work in person especially haha i love touching the paint and paper..haha

anyways i am looking forward to read the last chapter of ur comic!

Britt said...