Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bunnies & Xocolat!

I just really really like this painting because bunnies are always nice. They are fluffy and so (oh-so) nice. This was suppose to be rough for the infamous flipbook assignment. I went to the final with these small rough paintings. It was not a very good idea to paint the whole 60 something page flipbook. After many nights of missed sleep, I started hallucinating, seeing creepy dust bunnies everywhere.

The flip book was on Dagoba Organic Hot Chocolate crystals. Fair trade and vegan! Hallelujah!
This beautiful hot chocolate crystal has these little chocolate nuggets that stay solid in the hot solvent (preferably soymilk), and they softly melt in your mouth. It's fun to fish them out during drinking hot chocolate or eat sunk ones after drinking. I think this hot chocolate has chili powder in it. Yum.
Even though it's organic with no artificial fillers or anything, I still think it's negative on health. It is a sugar bomb.

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