Saturday, January 20, 2007

Young Bride

My only remaining highschool friend, Yulian (okay, I didn't have any friend in highschool, but nonetheless) told me she's getting married. *sniff* I can't believe Yulian's getting married... Time really flies by. She made me a maid of honour which made me panic in fear (I do not know anything about marriage ceremonies. Must research!) but also very honoured. We had a dinner together, chatting and brought her home to do this painting tonight. Painting to celebrate her marriage announcement.

Yulian's favourite colour is pink, thus I tried to use it everywhere I can. The painting took three hours, which she patiently sit still for me. I like the way it turned out, but wished there were more negative space. I think I should've gotten a bigger canvas. It would've been really nice with huge vast vertical space (with patterns) on top. I also didn't explore the full potential of 'wooden' canvas. I wanted to carve and scratch and sand more... but didn't have enough time. I mean, it's mean to make her sit all night. D:
Mixed media on wooden canvas.

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Jack Shepherd said...

nice!. really good job, like the design elements of it.

hyein is goin to a wedding! haha hey maybe if theres free booze i could pretend im family. no? okay, take some pics though!