Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bubble Bubble

A small portrait of my friend done for his birthday last month. I better practice more as this doesn't quite look like him. The material and the composition is a bit boring. This acrylic crackle medium actually worked this time. However, they were quite strange crackles, almost like wrinkles in most parts. I wish I put more textures in the background and be more loose with paintings (more creative).

But I shan't be such a moody little fish as some might say. Moody fish are often green and green is such a awful ugly colour.


Rey O said...

hah! i know who this is!

kinda cute! one day i want to see him do this in real life

Hyein Lee said...

What the... I don't think this is who you think it is...

But bubbles are cute indeed.