Saturday, May 23, 2009


Stickers are here!
I made these for the good people at VeganFreak. They are aimed for those freaky-minded teenagers. What a wonderful people to work with. They let me do whatever I want, pretty much.

Them being off-set stickers, I had to limit number of colours, omit gradients and textures. It was quite an adventure as I've never worked that way before.

These stickers will soon be available globally. Man, I love saying 'Globally'.

Speaking of 'global'... Here's a global news for you. South Korean ex il presidente committed suicide yesterday. He was Korea's the first "people's president". My mom called crying this morning. Don't cry for me, Argenti...I mean, Korea.


vicki said...

aaaaaaaaaadorable, my love, just plain adorable.

keep rockin' it! hugs and kisses

irma kniivila said...



That may very well be my favourite thing, EVER.

PS: I watched the BBC headlines go from: South Korean president "dies"

to: South Korean president dies

to: South Korean president "commits suicide"


eunzi kim said...

noo... way.... seriously??? wow..... did they say how??? korean government is pretty ugly right now... i hear a lot of stupid and funny crap. sucks.
but your stickers definitely do not!!!! <3

Ale Diaz said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!!, hahahah and it is barely kind of the stuff you like eh!!!!, hahaha,

I love them!!!!!!

Hieng Tang said...


And i want some stickers!!

Hyein Lee said...

Vicki: Thank you! :D

Irma: Har... the yam one looks like a flying cr*p, no matter how I spin it.
Jumping off cliff... What a way to go.

Eunzi: Yeah, how can democracy deteriorate so much, so fast? But they voted for that government so..

Alej: Thanks~ heh heh...

Hieng: Thanks Hieng, let's hang.