Sunday, October 18, 2009

Camilo Music Video is Out!

I had been working with awesome guys at 3:AM Design on a music video for a pop punk band, Said the Whale. I've designed the characters and environment. Hopefully, Said the Whale becomes as big as Billy Talent! Said the Whale is also a Canadian band. :D

I've been aching to post the character and environment designs, but wanted to wait until the music video comes out (out of courtesy). Today, I'm adventuring to the Korea town to pick up some very Korean stuff (ingredients for this -please ignore horrible K-pop, cute character notebooks, tea... etc), so I don't have time to post the compositions I've worked on. I promise I'll soon. Oh and lots of more illustrations to come.


vicki said...

oh my lord, this is amazing!

way to go pal!!!

Wendy said...

Wow Hyein, so cool! Love the characters and colours.

liu liu said...

love this it soooooo adorable

Patrick said...

that's cute. Great work Hyein!

Hieng Tang said...

hahaha, that so cute!

eunzi kim said...

wow!! congrats on the gig and the completion! it's really super cute!
and i read your post about the gallery heirarchy and stuff.
it sounds depressing, and discouraging,
but i really think u got the stuff to make it there! :D
seriously, it's not too far off.
ur a great artist! and artists should be more supportive of other artists. we're all starving for money and attention. the more u give, the more you recieve!
ur stuff always inspires me!
so i should thank u! :D

Peter Hong Chan said...

thsi is awesome hyein!
Great job on this and congrats!! said...

really cooL