Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Interview on Ms. Magazine Blog!

My interview on Ms. Magazine Blog!
If you want to read about my rambles, please do click this link. :D
Ms. Magazine is AWESOME!
Thank you Kyle for the wonderful questions and introduction. It was a lot of fun.

And... Farewell, everybody for the rest of the year! I am going to Brampton to help out at my parents' store in Bramalea City Centre mall. Yup, I'll be disappearing into the holiday abyss. I'd really like to have a few days off, please... but what can I do. Gotta stay afloat and I have youth to burn!

As always, Master's study is pain in the a*s. Seriously, I cannot believe I worked so hard for no visible result whatsoever. It is another proof that art masters is just waste of air; other disciplines work to make the world the better place. I should've gone to a med school or something.

Sorry for ranting again. I will post my works in retrospect. Photos from Memories of Enemies and Krampusnacht.
Have a wonderful holidays everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome interview!
Loved "the girl in the attic" comic, looking forward to reading more.