Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet the Cosmic Bear

Meet my cosmic bear (the very top image). It's saying,

"Remember the time we stared into the Alpha Centauri. Vertical icicles twinkling in million directions... and I miss you." 

It's only partially depicted here. I fucking LOVE Alpha Centauri. The name itself is badass. And such a bright star. I want to die in Alpha Centauri, death wouldn't be so bad in its glory. I wish I could name my Master's thesis, Alpha Centauri, but alas, it's already taken as a game name (and a very good game at that).

My apologies to myself and whoever is reading this blog for thin content these days. I don't remember posting this many sketchbook stuff consecutively, ever. These are the darkest hours. I'm kidding, actually, my life is pretty rad. I think meditating definitely changed me. I'm much less stressed. In the end, I live in an awesome city, where vegan donuts are finally readily available. God bless vegan donuts.

Sorry for rambling, so the point is, I am very busy with my Master's. It's draining my social life, soul and work. Here is another glimpse of what I'm working on for my Master's.

Text animated and added.

Lastly, if any extra-terrestrials listening to me right now... please do take me with you. But please do not probe my kidneys.


Toby said...

ahaha can't wait!

Irma said...

aaaahahahaha "I will avenge your death".