Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sketches from Far Far Away Part II (a.k.a Sketchbook la pathetique)

Dear Friends...
I miss you and I love you.
Only that I'm away (and not even that long), far far away, I truly realized how much I love you all. Two more days to Toronto.

I owly do miss you.

This guy's face was inspired by the windows in Amsterdam.

There is no London Fog in Europe. When I get back, I plan on drinking many gallons of London Fog. I guess it's "London" in Ontario.
My life doesn't mean anything without you and London Fog. To me, the colour of London Fog is purple.


James A. Overton said...


Well, if you have a few hours you can take a train to Tilburg and have a vegan meal with us!

James A. Overton said...


Well, if you have a free afternoon or evening, you can catch a train to Tilburg and we'll cook you a vegan meal!

Hyein Lee said...

<( ; o ; )> Oh my god, because I am very dumb, I totally forgot that you guys are in Hague. (I think I should see a brain doctor once I get home) It would've made my stay a lot more owly. Well, I'm leaving here tomorrow morning.

See you back in Canada! Thanks so much!!