Tuesday, July 12, 2011

★★ Video Game Playtesters Needed ★★

Dear friends,
I've been working on a small video game for my thesis project, ★Twinkling Stars Above★
I need game playtesters for the prototype. Do you have half an hour to spare? Then please participate!

As long as you are in Toronto, I will visit you at your convenience, with my laptop. You have to play the game (very short) and fill out the questionnaire. I need to observe you while you play. You can ask me to withdraw your questionnaire if you change your mind after the testing (withdrawl deadline Aug 1st).

Playtesting dates: 
Friday, July 15
Monday, July 18
Tuesday, July 19
Wednesday, July 20
Please book a time with me with Doodle Calendar:

I need 20 people for the playtest. Thank you so much! 

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