Friday, February 6, 2009

Sketches, Social Anxieties, Cut to the Drummer Show

Some sketches for this cold, cold winter... Yeah, I could be eating vegan donuts right now, and look at me! Resorting to cashews.

I went to "Cut to the Drummer" show yesterday. Number of awesome illustrators (a lot of them were my old teachers) were in the show. It was inspiring to see so many beautiful images. But oooooh the anxiety!!! I fear small talks and I have an amazing ability to make everything awkward. I love all my old teachers, but too scared to strike a normal conversation.

I know this is lame, but I even read "The Art of Schmoozing" before I left. One of his advice was to read a lot so you have something to talk about. Um, I read A LOT. However, that is detrimental to my social skills. I should go out and practice instead of sitting at home, reading. And how am I suppose to go from, "Hi! I missed you so much! How have you been doing?" to "Have you heard about that cloned Ibex? It only survived seven minutes!"
If anyone can tell me how to do that, I'll make you the best hot chocolate you've ever tasted in your life. That's an arrogant statement, but at least, you know it's a damn good hot chocolate.

He also suggest asking questions and listen, instead of talking. Word, man. Word.
However, that doesn't work so well when I'm just downright frightened. I had a great, famous illustrator in front of me, and I said all the wrong things.
"Hey, I know you hear this a lot, but you look just like that guy from that TV show"
"..." *insert frustrated gesture*

Believe it or not, in the end, it was a goodnight and I had to be there. I had to congratulate my teachers and thank them. I saw some of my friends and we chat. And I did make some friends.
Oh, the fine art of schmoozing! I need to meditate or something before I go to these things, so I can relax and enjoy myself more. Before I end this long post, I want to apologize to everyone I talked to last night for my awkwardness. Deep down, I know you don't even remember, but just in case!

Lastly... This is Joe Morse' piece from the show. He is the best! I am a better artist (not that I'm even close to being a good artist yet) because of him. The shear fear of disappointing him made me work like a crazy muuunkey.


Hieng Tang said...

I cant Schmooze either, but lets try our best :D

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Haha nice, you can practice socializing with me anytime, bebe! ;) Why don't you start by telling me about the Ibex (I have no idea what that is!)

I read a similar book called You Inc, and it teaches you how to sell yourself so it's kind of similar. I think you'd like it if you liked the schmoozing book.