Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Been an Owly Day

This is a scattered, random post, so be prepared for it! I'm quite a horrible writer. I blame my English for it, but actually, I sucked at writing in Korean too. I usually wait for a blog writing topic. However, there are new works to be posted, and I really can't think of anything interesting to talk about.

Above is a personal piece I made. Hyein owl with a vegan donut and the other owl with his Creemore Springs beer. Ooooh, I could use some vegan donuts right now. I haven't had them for more than half a year. I almost went to Seattle just to visit their vegan donut shop. I paid for bus and lodging and everything. That's a long story, let's move on...

Last Friday, I was invited to guest lecture at Sheridan College, my old school (Kickin' it Oldskoool, yo). What a surreal experience. Everything felt so familiar to me, I almost went to my old desk and sat there. My heart ached thinking about having an owly good time with my old classmates. And I sincerely missed my teachers. It's strange what "the right school" would do to you. I don't have happy nostalgic memories about my engineering school, and I purposely erased all my highschool memories. Sheridan College was just right: great teachers, good curriculum and life-long friends.

So I was very happy to give a talk at Sheridan. I love teaching, because I learn from students while doing so. As Randy Pausch said in his famous Last Lecture, "You are a great salesman so any company you work for will make you sell stuff. You might as well sell things that's worthwhile, like EDUCATION" Not that I'm a good sales person, but using my abilities to give someone hope is the greatest feeling. Also being an attention wh*re, having people listen to me is just beyond awesome. Thanks for all the Sheridan students who came to the lecture. You were very attentive and passionate, I loved it!
And of course, thanks to OCAD students who put up with me every week.

Somehow above paragraph turned into an Oscar speech.

Yesterday, I finally met one of my favourite illustrators, Aaron Leighton. What an honour! He was such a nice guy too.

For another completely unrelated topic, I am having another show in March.
This time, in the Big Apple! Oh, New York, how I love thee...

Date and Location:
March 6 - 29 '09 (March 6 is opening night, 6pm - 9pm) in New York.

Address for APW Gallery:
48-18 Van Dam St.
Long Island City, NY 11101

Gallery website:

I've recently finished an editorial piece, stay tuned for the next post!


Wendy said...

Really you guest lectured at Sheridan? That's awesome! Oh the feeling of missing our old desks...I can relate!

Hyein Lee said...

Yesh, Ms Ding!

Hieng Tang said...

ahh, such a cute piece.

Yuta Onoda said...

That was great to see you at Sheridan! and congrats on the show!

Britt said...

Hey, hey, when are we having tea again? I think this time we should hit the town. THE TOWN, HYEIN. NOT ME.

eunzi kim said...

unni! so cute!!! i love it!! hahahahah

chau said...

whatwhat! That is so awesome!!!
Congrats Hyein!!! =D

Hyein Lee said...

Hieng>> Thanks!

Yuta>> Thanks~ Glad you enjoyed the talk.

Britt>> Oh Britt. How can I not hit on you. I mean, seriously?!

Eunzi>> Thanks! Busy with school?

Chau>> Thanks. :D

Simon Kim said...

it's kinda late. thanks again. It was great speech.

pete ryan said...

amazing hyein!!!!

Peter Hong Chan said...

i heard about u guest lecturing recently, so cool! Congrats!

Very cute painting btw, great to hear u are doing well!

we should meet again sometime, well i will see you at the show soon!

liu liu said...

love your crazy monsters