Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birds n' Bees Show

This is my piece for the upcoming Birds n' Bees show this Friday.
Not that this piece has anything to with birds nor bees... I didn't know the phrase "Birds n' Bees" meant sex until AFTER I finished the painting. How come nobody told me that!? Why birds and bees? Well, no one to blame but my Engrish. The show is a fundraiser for Sheridan Illustration graduates this year. It is held at Jerome Jenner Gallery in Toronto (Junction area).
Sheridan Illustration Council and Jerome Jenner Gallery Presents
Opening Reception: MARCH 20, 2009 (7PM – 11PM)

Admission is free. Refreshments and music provided.

Please do come! Many talented Toronto artists are participating. It'll be a good time, oh yes it will be.
I want to write more but it's too late at night. As a Korean saying goes, "Never write letters at night". It's because at night, people become overly emotional. So they tend to write things against their better judgment. In my case, I'm overly sleepy.

But... one thing before I go...
This icecream is ridiculously good. I ate till sick, leaving me craving for spicy Korean food.
I eat sugar for food (sugar should be a sweetner, not food), so I was going to cut down on sugary stuff. These diabolical evil coconut icecreams ruined my eat-relatively-healthy plan. Goddammit.

Flavours I bought:
Ridiculously good.


Peter Hong Chan said...

ooo beautiful piece hyein!!!
lol how did u find out in the end it meant sex.

hey no worries at least u still have the word 'fuck' in ur painting..hahahah

anyways see u at the show!!
and you suck for posting the icecream pictures... j/k j/k
making me crave it so much

Hieng Tang said...

i LOVE coconuts!

Jill said...

haha, srsly Hyein! how could you not know? silly girl <3

love the piece. especially the trees and the flower cloud wisps.

and i totally agree with Peter about the icecream. i LOVE coconut icecream and am totally craving some now too.

eunzi kim said...

hahaha unni!
ur too cute!!! i LOVE your engrish skills! hahaha~!!

hagan Daaz is my vice i must aDmit!!! mmmMMmmmm
but i'm trying to cut back on sugar too! so it's been painful.. especially when rabba has those fabulous ice cream sales. it really makes my sweet tooth ache;;; sigh.

LOVE the painting! so cute! it Doesn't mater if u haD no iDea, because i'm LUSTING for one!! <3

rikit said...

you're too cute haha. even though it doesn't have birds and bees, it's still a great piece! i look foward to seeing it in the show

Lettie Lo said...

i love coconut too! i shall try the coconut ice cream !!
it was cool meeting u today ~ i didnt know birds and bees mean sex until i read your post haha : D

Britt said...

I had no idea that you didn't know. But I loved your piece anyhow.

I MISS YOU, it was so nice to see you last night. I feel like I should have hugged you JUUUSSST a tiny bit more, though...

Simon Kim said...

wow, this piece was sweet.

pete ryan said...

wow, cool!

irma kniivila said...

I love this painting.

This painting represents how I live my life.


Juju Bean said...

I love this piece!
How was the show?
Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

JuanCarlos said...

I love this piece!
my girlfriend wants a print!!!