Friday, April 10, 2009

Sinking Ship

This is for the RRJ article on small magazines' survival in this global recession.
Click below image if you want to read the article.

I get depressed everytime I think about this damn recession. The whole world is changing because of this.
*sigh* Let's ignore the problem, hope for it to go away itself. (probably a bad idea. One should adopt to change... but my room is so warm and cozy)

To distract you from all the gloominess out there, here is an exciting and hopeful TED talk on how bacteria talk to one another.


eunzi kim said...

sigh... it's depressing...
s i g h .

BUT. on the bright side, ur painting is TOO CUTE.
like sunshine on a rainy day~~~

irma kniivila said...


My favourite part is tiny music note face!

PS: I totally saw that TED talk, and was blown away. I also saw this one, which was also really amazing!

Wendy said...

i like how you turn economic turmoil into a cute lil illoz! well done, ms lee!

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks! Oh how I want sunshine...

I'm watching that right now. Thanks for the link! I am preparing to be amazed. *drum roll*

Ms Ding,