Thursday, April 16, 2009

Biting into Mocha Chocolatechip Mooooofins

Bye bye winter.

I hate waking up so early these days. What is up with me?! I go to bed at 3~4 in the morning, then I wake up at 8. As a night owl worker, being semi-zombie state from the lack of sleep... doesn't help at all. I'm eating coffee-inserted moooofins I baked. If anyone knows good sleeping remedies, please do share with me.

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chau said...

HYEEINNNN!!! COngrats!!! Joe Morse (spelling??) haha talked about you the other day at the meeting for hte 3rd year students. :D We're all so happy for you and how you got into the teaching college place. Missus Teacher Hyein! hehehe

As for your sleeping problem, I heard there's a sleeping spray for your pillows sold at the Body Shop. Not sure if they work, but I'm sure your pillow would smell nice anyways hehe