Monday, July 27, 2009

I Made a Deal with the Devil

Blue Beard's Bride
9X12 Mixed Media on Stonehenge Paper

Santa Mongoose!
It had been the craziest month in my life so far. The craziest! To my shame, I am hardly ever this busy. I signed up for many shows and they all happen to be on July. Four shows in July!! On top of those, illustration projects flew in. Can a mere human being pull this off? Yes, yes she can. I'm the living proof of it. Bags under my eyes, bloated from sitting all day everyday and acne... Oh I paid dearly. Worst of all, I had to cancel ever anticipated camping to Algonquin this week with friends. I'm all alone in Toronto.

There are loads of new illustrations I should be posting, but I've been too busy. So please visit again in the near future.

This week I'm participating on the "We Made a Deal with the Devil" show. Here is the road show website:
The show will be on the road for a month, from Toronto to Halifax!
Above image is a preview~
One of the things that greatly effected my childhood (along with Aliens, Terminator, etc.) was the tale of Bluebeard. Such a strange story possibly inspired by a serial killer, Giles de Laval. The story book - now banned in children's section - used to give me a lot of nightmares. I always wanted to do something with this story, so here it is. I plan to do series of large pieces based on this concept.

'Vevare, Ve Very Vare' is Bela Lugosi's line.
After I submitted this piece, a friend told me 'be ware' is one word. FML.


Wendy said...

Very nice, Ms Lee! Love the watercolour washes. That's a scary story indeed. Also refreshing to see a slight departure from your normal stuff!

Ian Herring said...

Interesting new approach. All that ink, just like in old Life Drawing classes back in the day... See you at the show!

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks Ms Ding!

Haha... yes... inking is fun. I have to do some life-drawing.

rikit said...

hahaha the cute ms hyein~ be ware sounds more spooky than beware anyways! i think lots of children stories are so scary and/or depressing. wonder how we weren't all traumatized as a kid?

also it's good that you're busy, means you are productive and successful

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