Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Cried a River Over You

I Cried a River Over You
Mixed Media on Wood

It's a sad sad robot. So sad!
Needless to say, I sang "I Cried a River Over You" all the while I was working on this piece. This was done for the previously mentioned Magic Pony show. But this one didn't get sold. Oh so sad!

I'm actually in a pretty good mood today, full of optimism. I am starting Master's program at OCAD this September. I had a small chat with the Dean, Martha, and I am very excited about doing my Master's. (10 year of post-secondary education, Santa Maria!)
So it's a bit hard to post a picture with a crying robot. If you'd like to cry a river, I recommend you watch Pixar's "UP". Most people must have seen it already. Good god. I started crying five minutes into the movie, and just didn't stop. My 3D glasses were foggy from all the tears, I couldn't see very well.

Don't think I'm soft, emotional or anything. I'm tough. Here is the proof: Thug Life!


Wendy said...

Santa Maria indeed! Go Doctor Hyein!

P.S. You look hot with iron-pumped arms. Yesh.

Juju Bean said...

Love the thug life!!!!

rikit said...

should i be scared of your muscles? *backs away*

i started crying during the first five minutes of UP as well!!

eunzi kim said...

ahh!!! i love ur crying robot!!! and congrats on ur masters! so u will be a master artist! :D so cool!!!
how long is the master's program??

Hyein Lee said...

Wendy thanks!

:) Thanks Yulian. Have a wonderful trip.

Chu, yesh, you should be afraid. I'm badass.

Eunzi, thanks! Master's 2 years with no summer. Bah!! but I'm looking forward to it. :D

Ale Diaz said...

I loooove this Robot missy!!! I can't believe it didn't sell!!!