Monday, September 14, 2009

Hyein's First Cover!

'Tis true! My illustration is on the cover of Crow Toes Quarterly 11th issue. This is actually a quite old news. If you go to bookstores now, you will see the 'November issue' instead of this one. To my shame, I've been too busy to keep up with blog posts. In this information age, updating blog regularly is a very important way to promote. I am seriously considering hiring YMI (Your Man in India) to update my blog and sort my life. ... When I get rich (which isn't going to happen anytime soon). Outsourcing is a way of life, goddammit.

In addition to my illustration work, I just started Master's program. I am reluctant to admit, but I really do like school. Ten years in post-secondary school education. Santa Maria! I feel like a total loser.

While Master's is taking my brain into the most interesting yet strange places, I've been running, running around, busy as a buzzing bee. Here are what's been happening:
- Organizing a group show to open on Nuit Blanche. Details on this show later! (I never knew organizing a show would be a full-time job) There most likely be cotton candy at this event
- Loads of new magazine illustrations to be updated soon
- Working on a music video with 3:AM Design
- Participated on the Speakeasy Illustration Show at Gladstone Hotel with fellow illustrators
- Had a table at FanExpo at the end of August
- Surpressing an urge to murderize drilling people outside

My table at the FanEx

Fellow Toronto Artists Ben and Adam
Ben is participating in some questionable film making practices

I probably should've advertise my booth on this blog before the FanEx. Oh~ all the things that I 'should've' done~
Days leading upto FanEx was an absolute chaos. Getting my comics and arts printed, and lots and lots of manual labour. I made sun dresses with my illustration on it, tonnes of little cake pins, sushi pins, sock monsters,...etc.
Getting back to the 'outsourcing' point earlier... I must tell you, craft market (and anything hand made, DIY) just sucks. I get disappointed everytime. It is extremely hard to have a feasible business with handmade items. I made a bit of money from FanEx, but only if I kid myself that my labour time doesn't worth anything. I myself cannot afford anything but cheap stuff from third world factories. I'm in no position to complain.

Anyways, an interesting news from Norway! They are resenting the current government despite of their prosperous economy. This shift came mostly from resenting immigration. Here is the article if you are interested.
Another interesting turn of politics is Japan! For obvious reasons (Koreans are afraid of Japanese' right wing politics that glorifies WWII), this is exciting. Due to the lack of strong leadership and public's frustration, the right-wing LDP has been defeated last month!


Simon Kim said...

go ma wa yo!!!

wow. congratulation~ for the cover of Crow Toes Quarterly. SICK

Wendy said...

Wow, nice work Ms Lee! Way to go on that cover! :D

Britt said...


Also, we didn't do well at fan expo either, well, me mostly, Vicki somehow managed to make a little bit, I didn't break even on just the table cost. Are you coming to Canzine? That's more targeted towards your handmade and crafty items.

Also, I wish you'd blogged earlier about the magazine, I would have run out and bought it right away!

Hieng Tang said...

Very nice table :D

Hieng Tang said...

Oh and of course your art on the cover is very nice too,

Lettie Lo said...

goood joB!!!
ur booth lookss sooo cute i wish i could have went :(