Saturday, September 19, 2009


This piece was done for the good people of Ricepaper. 14.3 Space:Culture:Place issue.

"UFO TOFU" is a palindrome. I always wanted draw tofu in space, thank you Ricepaper!
I am not sure when this will be available. For all I know, it's in bookstores right now. I cannot wait to see it myself.

By the way, this is what I've wasted my whole Saturday on. My London tourist video. All day in the school editing suite with the state of the art equipments (I think?). And the result is quite shameful. To my defense, I didn't know how to use Final Cut Pro and after all day today, I still don't know. I just assumed it's the same as AfterEffects.
If you want to lose precious three minutes of your life, please be my guest.
WARNING: Repeated viewing results in nausea



Hieng Tang said...

Its like I was there with You!!

Peter Hong Chan said...

very nice piece hyein, and hieng is right haha.