Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cartoon City at Harbourfront Centre

Mystery Mister Lee
Mixed Media on Wood

I was invited to portray my neighbourhood for the Cartoon City exhibition at Harbourfront Centre York Quay Gallery. I went around my neighbourhood taking photos. It is Dundas and Spadina China town area.

Other talented Toronto cartoonists were invited for this show. Among them is Michael Cho! I've been his fan for a long time. It is an honour to be in a show with him. There is an opening for the show, if you'd like to attend. I will be there:
Harbourfront Centre
Friday, April 9th

Here is an artist statement I wrote for the show:
I immigrated to Canada 15 years ago. Before and since, I've been to many beautiful cities around the world. In the end, there isn't anywhere I would rather be than Toronto. With the infinite loneliness of its sky scrapers, with the gritty colours of Chinatown, the dry memories of the summer and the beige slush of the winter; there is no place like here.

Yes, it's basically saying how much I love Toronto. It is not cool to like the place you are living in. Everyone always wishes to be somewhere else. I know. Stores and restaurants close early, very tiny subway lines, it's grayiness (this is what people told me. I don't think Toronto is gray), apathetic people...etc. But I really love it here. There are many reasons: you can walk everywhere, so many vegetarian restaurants, vegan cupcakes, hot hot summer, art supply stores... But most of all this is my home. Something about 'home' that makes you long for no matter where you are.

Lastly, I end this post with pictures of freeze dried strawberries! Freeze dried fruits are some of my favourite things! They are so crunchy, airy and oh-so tasty! I mean, dude, it's astronaut food! ASTRONAUT!!! (no comment on whether or not astronauts actually eat freeze dried food or not) I love it so much I wanted to make them. (they are very expensive) But after learning about the steps and equipments required to do so, I gave up. You need to create a vacuum environment to make freeze dried foods. *sigh* If you are wondering how to make them, check this show out:
I hope somebody makes freeze dried soy icecream soon.


Wendy said...

Congrats on the show Hyein! I like your paragraph about Toronto, very heartfelt and so true.

And the freeze dried strawberries look fascinating!

Britt said...

Hyein, I want to come to this opening SO BAD. But I am at work until 10. Please have me over for food soon though, okay?

pete ryan said...

awesome Hyein!!

blonderland said...

How cool! I was out of town and didn't know about the show until now, but I'll definitely stop by to check it out.

The strawberries look delicious :).

Hieng Tang said...

My neighbourhood will always be china town! even if i dont live there haha..

Sam Trieu said...

ASTRONAUT FOOOOOD. Whoah, crazy to think that we're living in the Jetsons, with our instant noodles and our freeze dried strawberries. Vunderful art, dude!