Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love You In the Most Platonic Way Possible

That is a lie.

I am totally defeated by MAC. I was so happy until this morning. Everything was working so well. Then today... Well, let me start this rant from the beginning. There is this programming called 'Processing'. It's a java based language that's easier for artists to work with. It is mostly used for interactive art. Here is a WICKED TED talk by Golan Levin on Interactive Art. He uses Processing. I attended his workshop (but I was already his fan).

So I've been working on this interactive art piece for a while. I've completed it last night. It works perfectly fine on my new PC. What a happy day. Our year-end show is coming up this Thursday. So I thought, 'I'll spend an hour setting things up tomorrow morning'.


After 9 hours at the Grad Gallery today, fiddling with iMAC (and never sat down due to the installation set up), I gave up. AV guy and I even installed Windows. Good god. I'm going to go at it again tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, strangers (especially you, anonymous Viagra salesman who spams my blog comments). Hopefully, I get to show you what I've done.
So far, MAC 9: Hyein 0. But it ain't over yet.

Before I close this post, one last thing; platonic. (Man, that's got to be a wrong use of semicolon. But I'm too tired to look it up) I've never heard that word until few years ago. I always thought it was spelled 'plutonic'. The geologist in me was thinking, 'as in hot rock...?' I just learned that it's spelled different.


Hieng Tang said...

haha thats eye thing in the vid is soo cool! whats is on Thursday?! the Sheridan show is also this Thursday D:

Juju Bean said...

Good luck Hyein!!!!
I'm sure you'll beat MAC :D